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a software system that facilitates the creation and maintenance and use of an electronic database

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The studies of Relational Data Base Management Systems and Databases constitute nowadays a main trend of investigation in large businesses and universities of the entire world.
The new WPACFIN standard operating environment centered around the IBM-compatible MS-DOS microcomputer and the dBASE data base management system.
These publications will be used to interpret Orange Book guidelines for trusted networks and data base management systems.
An ADP system includes (but is not limited to) a mainfi2me, stand-alone or networked microcomputer system, data base management system, and a system that uses or incorporates tectronic data interchange or an electronic storage system.
relational data base management system is handled by rules-based software from Icad Inc.
For background, we measured the satellite's Stat testing rate, using a data base management system to pinpoint ordering patterns by physician, day of the week, and other potentially useful gauges.
91-59 specifies the basic requirements considered essential when the taxpayers records are maintained within an automatic data processing (ADP) system, including microcmputers systems, data base management system and all systemss using EDI technology.
Nongeometric elements are stored in an engineering data base management system that archives and retrieves process data.
The data base management system maintains a link between the index entry and its corresponding drawing file.
Without a data base management system, finding a particular part is an overwhelming task.
making automatic code adjustments in the CA-IDMS environment, the data base management system used by PDVSA; -- CA-Impact/2000 for impact analysis; -- Endevor MVS, UNIX and Workstation for change and configuration
This architecture is more robust as compared to distributed DAMA processing, which is prone to problems encountered with any distributed data base management system.
The report is titled "Global Data Base Management Systems (DBMS) Market Report: 2016 Edition" and is available for sale on the official website of MRH.
The benefits of running databases and data warehouses directly in-memory, via dynamic random access memory complemented with solid state drives (SSDs) are compelling when considering the ultra-high performance and negligible latencies, particularly attractive for in-memory data base management systems, according to optical storage company Plextor.
Oracle, best known for its data base management systems, also specialises in software for professional applications.