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Companies deploying Aqua Data Server will boost their efficiency and reduce costs by automating routine data management tasks with AquaScripts.
Genero accesses ANTs Data Server through its Open Database Interface (ODI) providing an API for native database drivers -- that dramatically improves reliability and throughput.
The Data Server became generally available in July.
Unlike traditional databases, the ANTs Data Server also rarely write-locks rows.
The company's patented Kapow Web Data Server extends and modernizes business applications by automatically integrating enterprise and public web data from any source with no coding required.
The ANTs Data Server is an industry-standard database management system based on a breakthrough, high-performance SQL query execution engine that incorporates innovative, lock-free operations.
The Coral8 Engine is the first CEP software product to achieve both the "Ready for DB2 Data Server Software" and "pureXML" recognition within the IBM DB2 software partner program.
Unlike labor-intensive cut-and-paste, homegrown scripts and fragile screen scrapers, the Kapow Web Data Server provides full support for dynamic HTML, such as JavaScript and AJAX, allowing customers to handle the latest and most complex web data sources.
The Angara Data Server can help companies increase their responsiveness to Web site browsers and shoppers, giving them tremendous advantages over traditional RDBMSs.
SATA-on-AIX's Ready for DB2 data server software validation means clients can have the high performance of directly attached disks equal to SCSI and SAS, the mammoth sizes usually associated with SAN and Fibre, and the extremely low costs usually associated with PC and Linux systems -- all on a stable SATA-on-AIX drive.
com), a global provider of IT services, to resell and support the ANTs Data Server to its customers in the United States, India and other parts of the world.
BULLETIN BOARD: ANTS) , today gave the heavyweights of the financial industry their first peek at two new financial applications employing the ANTs Data Server to meet the grueling performance demands and cost sensitivities of global financial institutions.
The partnership will initially focus on the integration of PrismTech's OpenFusion([R]) RTOrb Java[TM] Edition (CORBA([R])) middleware and OpenSplice[TM] Data Distribution Service (DDS) products and the ANTs Data Server version 3.
BULLETIN BOARD: ANTS) , a developer of universally compatible, high-performance database management systems, today announced that SFG Bancorp, a full-service direct mortgage lender and real estate brokerage based in Pleasanton, California, is using the ANTs Data Server 3.
IBM to Offer ANTs Data Server to Customers Worldwide