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code consisting of a series of vertical bars of variable width that are scanned by a laser

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We have been involved with the DoD UID Policy from the beginning, and our expertise in the Data Matrix symbology and part marking programs has allowed us to create an easy to use product that will enable the aerospace and defense electronics contractor to deliver compliant UID marks to its customer," said RVSI's Manager of Department of Defense contracts, Kyle O'Brien.
OB) has the most comprehensive line of Data Matrix readers, verifiers and UID products and services available today.
Additional features include the ability to identify which contract assets require marking, directly print Data Matrix labels for asset tagging, and electronically transfer data files for UII production by outside firms for metal labels or other approval marking methods.
The data matrix can contain a variety, amount, and depth of information that would not fit on to an ordinary bar code.
The GSI study lists thermal transfer, inkjet, laser etch and dot-peening or indentation as the processes "most suited" for printing GSI Data Matrix.
The problem at a glance is: given a two dimensional data matrix, we want to find as many maximal biclusters as possible such that each bicluster satisfies one of the four predefined types of homogeneity mentioned above.
The Order Book building function uses the NovaSparks FPGA Market Data Matrix (TM) architecture and provides deterministic nanosecond speeds.
Fixnetix responds to customer demands for the fastest and most efficient solutions; NovaSparks FPGA Market Data Matrix greatly adds to our product offerings," says Hugh Hughes, Chief Executive of Fixnetix.
the upper left part of the data matrix does not have a large number of zero entries.
With the new traceability regulation now enforced in France, it is likely the rest of the world is considering adapting a similar rule that ensures all medical products are labelled with a GS1 Data Matrix 2D barcode.
Summary: Muscat, June 12, 2010, SPA -- Muscat Municipality has won the Middle East Award for Excellence in Municipal and Urban Development instituted by the Institute of Middle East Award for Excellence affiliated to Data Matrix in Dubai.
Advantage Image Engines offer superior ID barcode and 2D Data Matrix code reading, plus a full suite of industry-proven Cognex Vision tools that make it possible to solve even the most challenging inspection applications reliably.
Measurements with different sampling rates are often collected in a single data matrix for monitoring or identification purpose and referred to as multi-rate data.
The company, a specialist in Data Matrix and optical code reading technology, exhibited a range of equipment at parent company Pryor Marking Technology's stand at EMO Hannover.
In addition to authenticating the appraiser, Appraisal Sentry uses data matrix technology from Appraisal Matrix LLC to connect that identity with the appraisal report.