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Both the Data Access Language Server for AS/400 (version 1.
ODBC and Apple's Data Access Language (DAL): Cross-Platform
NASDAQ-NMS: AAPL) today announced full support of TCP/IP for its Data Access Language (DAL) server software products.
s effort to simplify seamless data access for end-users and cross-platform application development, the Enterprise Systems Division will announce new Data Access Language (DAL) products and new support for Microsoft Open Database Connectivity (ODBC).
AppleScript, Apple's open scripting architecture, also announced today, is among key Apple technologies such as Apple Events, Data Access Manager and Data Access Language, that will be widely supported by the client/server tools partners.
As part of today's announcement, Apple intends to introduce support for Data Access Language for its Workgroup Server 95.
ps 5250 packages provide APPC connections for Apple's Data Access Language (DAL) Server for AS/400, which allows Macintosh computers to transparently access relational databases on AS/400 systems.
NASDAQ-NMS: AAPL) is now shipping the Data Access Language (DAL) Server to support IBM Corp.