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protective covering consisting of a panel to protect people from the splashing water or mud etc

instrument panel on an automobile or airplane containing dials and controls

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Grand Total READEROFFER Sat Nav Mat Instantly turn your windscreen mount into a dash board mount To order call 0844 448 1906 QUOTING MIA059 Or visit www.
A can of beer was lying on the dash board of his car.
Readiness included finding out what we have, determining if it is needed (SORTS), Guard/Reserve readiness, the JLRDB--Joint Logistics Readiness Dash Board, and critical capabilities with Command plans and risk assessments.
A simulator is a simple tool that is combined with artificial intelligence connected to a computer with all the components of a real car such as a steering wheel, pedals, indicators, gear shifting and a dash board.
The infra-red sensor mounted on the dash board recognises the driver's facial expression to control the car.
Once the victim entered his/her vehicle and placed the cash on the passenger seat or dash board, one of the suspects would knock on the vehicle window and point out that there was a problem with the tyre.
The idea behind a business-plan inspired dash board is similar to how fighter pilots operate.
The application also provides a simple dash board view for non-technical users or senior management who require fast access," he said.
When he came to get off he said the man who had threatened him lunged at his throat with a pocket knife and pushed him up against the dash board of the bus.
I suggest that instead of blaming the cinema, you blame the irresponsible parents (given that they probably drove to the cinema with the child standing at the dash board, I expect your protests would fall on deaf ears, however).
My phone was on the dash board so I grabbed it and rang my work," he remembered.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration warned consumers to "be on the look out for certain warnings of possible imminent fires, including cruise control systems that stop working or can t be activated, brake lights that stop working, brake lights and ABS warning lights illuminating on the dash board, or not being able to get the vehicle out of park.
Stylish: The new 2010 Range Rover, which includes a television screen in the dash board.
Bat includes a whole host of hits from Meat Loaf's recordbreaking albums including Paradise By The Dash Board Light, Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth and, of course, Bat Out Of Hell as well as the Grammy award-winning hit song I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) and old favourite Dead Ringer For Love.
Bat the Symphony took him four years to put together, with a bill that includes Paradise By The Dash Board Light, Anything for Love, Bat Out Of Hell, Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth, and Dead Ringer For Love.