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Synonyms for dachshund

small long-bodied short-legged German breed of dog having a short sleek coat and long drooping ears

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He said most of the dogs in the kitchen were whippets, which Woods used to show, but there were also a Patterdale Terrier, a Jack Russell, a Beagle, a Collie and a Daschund.
F 3y 6 Poodle M 3y 6 Poodle F 11y 6 Mixed-breed F 13y 6 Daschund M 11y 6 Daschund M 9y 6 Poodle M 4y 6 Labrador R.
Luke Rolfe was exercising his Daschund Cassie, when he spotted a pile of clothes in bushes of a field by the Elgin Centre, a community children's and sports centre in Elgin Road, Carr Hill, Gateshead.
He loves shooting around on his new set of wheels: Rory puts the dash in daschund - with his own set of racing wheels to replace his back paws.
A mini long haired Daschund in the show ring; Tracy Ansell from the Midlands team with 'Somanic on a mission for Chalkwell; A line up of toy dogs at the show; 'Trooper' the Bloodhound (left) with 'Buttercup' and 'Thistle' the Dandie Dinmonts; The Siberian Husky stand; Dog tired Irish Wolfhounds; Kaye Parkinson (3), with Laurel, a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen
Ed turned up on her date at the Wembley auditions the next day - along with her pet daschund.
Daschund Club's Open Show in Ravenstruther Hall, at 10.
The couple then unsuccessfully offered pounds 1,000 for the daschund that had cost them pounds 700.
The Birmingham Mail reported l earlier this month how Rachel Weaver-Tooley had offered a cash reward in a bid to catch the callous crooks who stole her Defender and two seven-month-old miniature daschund puppies Otto and Jack, which were inside the vehicle while she attended a funeral at St Peter's Church in Rock Hill, Bromsgrove.
NEW York Daschund cross Chanel was in the Guinness book of records as the world's oldest dog when she turned 21 last year - but she died last September.
The Oasis singer is so much in love with his daschund, Ruby, he and his wife Nicole Appleton make regular calls to their pet pooch when they are away, reports Contactmusic.
But their filming took a dramatic twist when Henry went for a Daschund named Bruno - forcing the shocked BBC crew to fend him off with their microphones.
SPLIT UP: Lucy the Daschund is no longer allowed to live with Melanie Hobson, pictured with Monique, two.
I have a miniature Daschund puppy who refuses to eat dog food.