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a book written by Karl Marx (1867) describing his economic theories


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With ample regulatory support from RBI, the future of investments and credit lending in India is going to be driven by P2P lending, and Faircent is poised lead this revolution in the future too, much like it has until now," said MD Das Capital, Shinji Kimura and Hiro Mashita of M&S Partners jointly.
In the Preface to the first German edition of Das Capital Marx confined himself merely to the statement that "while analyzing economic forms one cannot use microscope or chemical reagents.
lt;em>Former gaming executive launches DAS Capital Global Distressed Assets and Special Situations Fund</em>
Karl Marx did not write Das Capital, and Adam Smith did not write The Wealth of Nations because they would retain exclusive reproduction rights for a period of 50 years.
LUKE HAINES & THE AUTEURS Das Capital (Hut) POP maverick Haines has removed his favourite Auteurs anthems from their shambolic settings and recreated them in the lush string surrounds of a symphony orchestra -a greatest hits package with a difference.