Committee for State Security

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formerly the predominant security police organization of Soviet Russia

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The mass surveillance and intimidation tactics of the Communist-era Darzhavna Sigurnost were alive and thriving.
Markovas assassination, an operation conducted by the Bulgarian Secret Services (theA Darzhavna Sigurnost or DS) under the guidance of the Soviet KGB,A contained all the essential ingredients of a Cold War spy thriller: mystery, intrigue, nameless, faceless assassins and a niftyA James Bond style gadgetA used asA a murder weapon.
Most of the diplomats named by the commission were already known to have been involved with Darzhavna Sigurnost, the secret service, in the communist era, according to analysts.
The Secret Files Commission was formed after legislation opened access to the Darzhavna Sigurnost archives in 2006.
He also points out that sleep deprivation is a favorite tool of the gone-but-still-active Darzhavna Sigurnost, or Bulgarian KGB.