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a theory of organic evolution claiming that new species arise and are perpetuated by natural selection

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Nevertheless, with his sexual lovers before marriage being all males including one same-sexual marriage, for about twenty years, it is a marvel how he quickly adjusts sexually to Darwinist marriage and suppresses his homosexual desire for another five years after this marriage.
She asserts, against such "homogenizing" of literary Darwinists as we find in Kramnick, that, "in point of fact, [they] have only one shared assumption: that findings about human psychology and behavior might prove illuminating for the study of human artifacts" (11).
I recall David Berlinski, a well-known Darwin skeptic, telling me about a reading group at MIT among faculty there who studied his work but did so sub rosa lest they have to face the wrath of Darwinists.
The strength of Robinson's work is her ability to expose the lack of scientific methodology these social Darwinists actually make and in doing so she demonstrates the inability of such thought to supply a worldview that accounts for truth, morality, and the mystery of human life.
All the ideologies of those dictators who ruthlessly slaughtered innocent people, who imagined that problems could be resolved by violence and that conflict was inevitable were all based on Darwinist thinking.
One third of the Disengaged Darwinists feel no personal responsibility to help those who are worse off than themselves.
Man may have come from monkeys (as Darwinists believe) but he should not lower his status to the level of monkeys
While the first book in the trilogy centers on page-turning battles between the machines of the Clankers and the beasties of the Darwinists, volume two shifts slightly to focus on equally suspenseful espionage.
In essence, heas trying to free Darwin from the Social Darwinists once and for all.
In Scott Westerfeld's creation in the "steampunk" genre, remnants of historical characters and events provide the backdrop for conflict between machines and living creatures - the Clankers and the Darwinists.
The British, French and Russian forces are Darwinists, using fabricated beasts for transport and for many other purposes including as weapons.
Darwin's theory of evolution was co-opted in some ways by social Darwinists to explain racial differences.
11) Literary Darwinists open themselves up to criticism, if not outright parody, when they simply redescribe Jane Austen plots in terms of mate selection and kin assistance.
A small but militant group of literary Darwinists is shaking up the field of English literature with erudite books making such a case.
First, we offered Darwinists around the world 100 million fossils, which prove that this world came into being as a result of God's creationism and not because of evolution.