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an advocate of Darwinism

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For example, the extent to which Teilhard "accepts" the Darwinian understanding of evolution (p.
The tales of how Christian communities have assimilated, resisted, or ignored Darwinian evolution have been told so often and by so many different parties that one might be excused for doubting that there is much left to say about the matter.
They conclude that Darwinian theory 'can offer no remotely plausible account of how filtering (of randomly generated phenotypes) by natural selection might work' (16).
He begins by stating that evolution "could not help but undermine many of the core beliefs of a predominantly Anglican society," and that "it was not uncommon for someone who accepted Darwinian evolution to experience a profound crisis of faith" (pp.
Darwinians threaten truth or don't want you to know too much of it.
His argument is that although Darwinians may encounter difficulties in being Christians, 'it is by no means inconceivable'.
Stephen Shennan notes in his foreword to Darwinian archaeologies that Darwinism is in tune with the Zeitgeist.
But trouble comes to this peaceful land in the shape of a virus which threatens the very existence of the Darwinians.
How did a review as full of illogic and irrelevance as Gregg Easterbrook's ("We're All Darwinians Now," September 2001) slip past your editorial vigilance?
When they are not denouncing as "dogma" any view of life's origins they reject, Darwinians just as zealously seek to impose the tenets of their faith by intimidation.
Darwinians argue that creationism is not about science at all, but a religious and moral doctrine masquerading as science.
Darwinians grant that it took a whole series of genetic accidents spanning millions of years for the wing to fully evolve.
Genuinely conservative Darwinians do what they can to keep evolution from being taught in public schools as a comprehensive explanation of all things human, and they prop up traditional or non-Darwinian accounts of religion and virtue.
Having divined that the long-term lesson of the Scopes trial is that "ever since 1925", anti-Darwinists have been handicapped by their association with fundamentalist Christianity," they devote the last third of Monkey Business to an offensive against the Darwinians on their own turf.
Two examples: Darwinians would confidently predict that fossilized human skeletons will never be found among undisturbed Jurassic fossils.