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a theory of organic evolution claiming that new species arise and are perpetuated by natural selection

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FPP's attack on Darwinian theory unfolds in two parts.
A more informed view of the debate over Darwinian theory differentiates between an ongoing process of genetic mutations and an historic extrapolation of that same process backward in time as the sole explanation for the divergence of species on Earth.
This is completely unacceptable in pure Darwinian theory.
She was against communism, Popal insisted, explaining her views on the Darwinian Theory had been edited by the relevant commission of the academy.
A close look at the notebook and its accompanying textbook, which the notebook helps to identify, reveals unquestionably that Hemingway's high school zoology class was grounded firmly in Darwinian theory.
Those authors who purport to offer a Darwinian theory of ethics must, like Williams, pretend to derive morality from statistics, and therefore their books do not present a theory of ethics that is false (however false may be the arguments mustered in its defense) but rather a theory of ethics that ultimately cannot be judged as true or false at all, a theory of perfect irrelevance to the phenomena it pretends to explain.
The central thrust of Klapwijk's book is to provide an alternative theory of evolution to the Darwinian theory of evolution that is aimless and purposeless.
Another reason mixed-race people are perceived to be more attractive is because the Darwinian theory of heterosis is at work.
But Dr Lewis said that another reason why mixed-race people are perceived to be more attractive is because the Darwinian theory of heterosis is at work.
It's the Darwinian theory of natural selection, whereby the strongest survive, but sadly there are no longer the financial backwaters in which the retail minnows can safely swim.
The leaning tower of Darwinian Theory, built on shifting sands, is set to topple, because bullet holes have been found in Neanderthal skulls which are thousands of years old, and unknown writing and glyphs have been discovered in veins of coal, dating back to 300 million years.
The difficulties in reconciling the biblical account of the world's creation with Darwinian theory was largely one that affected US Protestant denominations with their devotion to the Bible.
His introduction is a full-throated affirmation of contemporary Darwinian theory, which he sees as under attack, not from scientists, but from religious fundamentalists and some cultural theorists who see science as "a social construction, an epiphenomenon in which it is produced" (2).
Without going into details of Darwinian theory, but drawing specifically from the theory of Inclusive Fitness, Hinde maintains that both prosociality directed to kin and selfish assertiveness are the direct results of natural selection, while prosociality to non-kin is accounted for as the result of cultural selection between competing groups (p.