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an advocate of Darwinism

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It also betrays a clear ignorance of the current status of modern Darwinian theory, which is now being questioned by many scientists, including many evolutionary biologists, precisely because it does not explain the genetic information necessary to build new forms of life.
As most atheists and agnostics do, they confuse the mechanical/ scientific theory approach of Darwinian or neo-Darwinian evolution with its comprehensive worldview implications.
Having decided that the Darwinian evolutionary production of an eye is plausible, Rogers quickly switches back to arguing for common descent.
It was certainly possible to believe in both religion and Darwinian evolution long after the 1860 meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science came to a close.
FPP's attack on Darwinian theory unfolds in two parts.
The Darwinian Extension - Completion, published by Spiderwize, priced pounds 7.
Washington, January 9 (ANI): A new research has rejected the 'metabolism first' hypothesis about the origin of life, a theory that says life originated from a system of self-catalytic molecules capable of experiencing Darwinian evolution without the need of RNA or DNA and their replication.
His new book, The Darwinian Extension - Initiation, is part one of a trilogy set 25 years in the future and light years into space.
The difficulties in reconciling the biblical account of the world's creation with Darwinian theory was largely one that affected US Protestant denominations with their devotion to the Bible.
In America, the past few years have witnessed a rash of books supporting, challenging, or discrediting Darwinian evolution and the neo-Darwinian synthesis.
Repeatedly in Carroll's survey of existing research, one senses a struggle to make the connection between the simple elegance of the Darwinian mythos and the cultural and psychological complexities of literature and the arts.
The tales of how Christian communities have assimilated, resisted, or ignored Darwinian evolution have been told so often and by so many different parties that one might be excused for doubting that there is much left to say about the matter.
A JUDGE has promised a fast decision in a lawsuit brought by Yoko Ono to remove John Lennon's song Imagine fromamovie challenging the concept of Darwinian evolution.
Evolutionary theory, which gave rise to a new discipline named Darwinian medicine, has had a major impact on modern medical research and practice.