Thomas Henry Huxley

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English biologist and a leading exponent of Darwin's theory of evolution (1825-1895)

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No wonder Huxley became known as Darwin's Bulldog for his impassioned defense of Darwin's ideas.
Joseph Hooker, the redoubtable botanist, and Richard Owen, creator of the Natural History Museum in South Kensington; William Thomson, Lord Kelvin, the physicist who did crucial work in laying the first transatlantic cable; Lyon Playfair, chemist and statesman of science; and Thomas Henry Huxley, Darwin's bulldog and advocate of scientific and technical education, were among the most formidable members of this group.
The specialist will be enticed by Desmond's extensive use of manuscript sources and his filly developed contextualist interpretation of Huxley's evolution from social underdog to Darwin's bulldog.
For many years to come Desmond's Huxley will stand as the definitive biographical study of Darwin's bulldog and his times.