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an enveloping or covering membrane or layer of body tissue

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If the cause of chordee is at the level of Buck's or Dartos fascia, the urethral plate has to be excised which will mandate a tubularised flap urethroplasty.
5) Concomitant conditions of hypospadias and inguinal pathologies of cryptochidism and hernia are common; (3,4) the pathologies are in close proximity and anatomically, the penile dartos layer is continuous with the inguinal scarpa and scrotal space.
Infectious cases originating from the genitalia, the infecting bacteria probably pass through Buck's fascia of the penis and spread along the dartos fascia of the scrotum and penis, Colles' fascia of the perineum, and Scarpa's fascia of the anterior abdominal wall.
Keywords: Severe hypospadias, Dartos fascial flap, Urethrocutanous fistula.
Complications can be minimized by applying second layer of Dartos fascia, improving surgical skills, avoidence of hematoma formation and prevention of infection.
The testis is separated from the sac sac is transfixed as high as possible and the testis is fixed in the dartos pouch.
Se inicia tratamiento antibiotico de amplio espectro con posterior exeresis y reseccion amplia de la base, se incide piel, respetando facia de Dartos, sin complicaciones durante el procedimiento.
Treatment involves formal delayed repair of the urethra and possible coverage by other tissue such as tunica vaginalis or dartos.
58% - 16% following Snodgrass repair can be avoided by interposition of a vascularised dartos flap between 10,11 neourethra and overlying skin .
A careful dissection of dartos and subdartos revealed that the tunica vaginalis was adherent to the herniated intestinal loop.
In Malaysia, seven of 12 lepromatous patients treated with 10-12 years of dapsone were found to harbour viable dapsone-sensitive persisters, in at least one of the following four sites: skin, peripheral nerve, skeletal muscle, or dartos muscle.
Epidermal kistlerinin sekonder kalsifikasyonu, dartos kasinin distrofik kalsifikasyonu, ekrin ter bezi kanali kalsifikasyonunun skrotal kalsinozisinin nedenleri olabilecegi goz onunde tutulsa bile, hastalik hala idiyopatik olarak degerlendirilmektedir.
The dartos muscle was closed with interrupted 0 vicryl and the skin with haemostatic 2/0 vicryl rapide mattress sutures.
10,12,28) Important margins to be examined in partial penectomy specimens include (1) proximal urethra and surrounding periurethral cylinder consisting of epithelium, lamina propria, corpus spongiosum, and penile fascia; (2) proximal shaft with corresponding corpora cavernosa separated and surrounded by the tunica albuginea and Buck fascia; and (3) skin of shaft with underlying corporal dartos (28) (Figure 1).