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(from the Sanskrit word for 'to see') one of six orthodox philosophical systems or viewpoints on the nature of reality and the release from bondage to karma

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Halbfass concludes, "Concerning the semantic relation of darsana and 'philosophy' and the applicability of the European word 'philosophy' to the Indian tradition of thought, I agree completely with Mohanty that there is no justification for a puristic and Eurocentric restriction of the scope of philosophy and for an exclusion of India from the historiography of philosophy.
Darsana Josyula is an assistant professor of computer science at Bowie State University.
The Mahotsav has several modules, such as a food and shopping festival, as well as the Braj Darsana -- a multi- media interactive exhibition.
yaha upramta raja ranajita malla, sri kasivasa nimitta jada candragiri parpatama cadhi nepalako mavale nepalatarpha heri yakachina visrama gari usai ghari yaka gita yasta tarhako // (the text of the raga here) vastatarhako gitabamdhi gai asrupata gari nepala ksetrako darsana gari sarasara kasitarpha gaya.
It is surprising to think that Bhartrhari, who is an authoritative thinker of pre-Sankara era, possibly to whom Adi-Sandakacarya owes a lot for his thesis of Advairta Darsana, who has somehow or other guided though indirectly many branches of philosophical systems like Saivagamas etc.
A darsana is a theory of reality and is meant to provide an understanding of what one is, what one ought to become, what one can become, and what the nature of the world is.
system of thought is called a darsana from the root `to see'.
For a station in Jalta we bought in advance the Darsana hill which overlooked and dominated the city.
Anderson, along with his colleagues Scott Fults, Darsana P.
Philosophy is a way of life and religion is a worldview, each is both darsana (view of life) and pratipada (way of life).
First, God himself tells Kabir to become a Vaisnava; otherwise He cannot give Kabir darsana.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Gi/Hdpe Pipe For 11 Stations Of Ishurdi- Darsana Section Of Bangladesh Railway.
There are, for example, the learned traditions of ayurveda, Dhanurveda, Darsana, Vyakarana, Jyotisa, Ganita, Dharma, Rajaniti, Nrtya, Natya, Kavya, and a host of others.
The Mimamsa Darsana of Maharsi Jaimini, with Sabarabhasya, Tantravarttika, etc.
The final set of chapters is the seventh part, "Linguistic and Philosophical Analysis," with three essays, bhasa, darsana, and kala, the Sanskrit words for 'language', 'viewpoint' or 'philosophical perspective', and 'time'.