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United States filmmaker whose works include the first full-length feature film with sound sequences (1902-1979)

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Darryl Zanuck convinced McCarthy to cast the gifted but combatively alcoholic George C.
World War II forced film mogul Darryl Zanuck to cancel plans to shoot the picture in Wales.
Darryl Zanuck,production head of Twentieth Century Fox,overlooked several black actresses, including Lena Horne,for the part, which featured what was then the ``forbidden kiss'' -between a white man and a black woman.
Intriguingly, Merrill Zandack sounds amazingly like the name of famed producer Darryl Zanuck, who was notorious for his oversized libido and whose later films were designed to promote the careers of his successive girlfriends, including Bella Darvi and, Juliette Greco.
Then Darryl Zanuck offered him Keys of the Kingdom.
Every Monday, the cast sits around a huge desk in the basement of the Darryl Zanuck theatre on the Fox lot in LA.
The Egyptian was an attempt on the part of Fox's Darryl Zanuck in 1954 to cash in on the widescreen spectacular craze.
Visualize on the screen gray clapboard, slate-colored sky, omni-ous (as Darryl Zanuck used to say) music.
6) The British perception that American film propagandists recognized British superiority was seemingly confirmed when Colonel Darryl Zanuck visited Britain on a fact-finding mission for the United States Army Signal Corps.
When making At the Front in North Africa, Darryl Zanuck stuck to authentic war footage, unlike his British counterpart, David Macdonald, who in his Desert War liberally mixed such footage with staged action.
They, too, understood loyalty to "the family"; Jack Warner would yell at his brothers, and Darryl Zanuck even once fired his son, but the sense of dynasty survived through that era.
Head man Darryl Zanuck claimed he saw no future in Monroe.
TV won't last because people would, "soon get tired of staring at a plywood box every night" - Darryl Zanuck in 1946
Darryl Zanuck was the major force behind The Longest Day (he produced the movie and directed more than half of its scenes).