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an Australian river


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Conversely, the lowest points (<102m) identified through the centre and from the north-east to south-west represent parts of the playa basin, the irrigated lands and the alluvial floodplain and land adjacent to the Darling River.
Radiocarbon dates from midden sites in the lower Darling River area of western NSW.
An alternative scenario for the very low Darling SPM strontium isotope ratios could be erosion of clay and organic matter in the Darling River watershed that contains an early Cenozoic and Mesozoic marine signature.
Lorina's grandmother lived at Brewarrina on the Darling River where the fish traps are an important link in the great journeys of Biaime the creator:
However, the 1991 bloom on the Darling River drew worldwide attention as the most extensive in recorded history.
These take in animal tracks, landforms and sites, weapons and tools (historic) and animal life of the Darling River area.
We can then go across the border, and use the output to drive the next catchment model, and track the impacts all the way down through the Darling River, to predict the effect on flows in the Murray and at the Murray Mouth.
This meridian intersects the course of the Murray close to its confluence with the Darling River.
Spending his first few years working on cattle and sheep stations in the area, Giles became an innovative bushman and began to seek a challenge away from town life, beginning by exploring the Darling River region.
1997) and for sediments in the Pooncarie region north of the Murray and east of the Darling River systems (Sircombe 1999).
He describes seeing "millions upon millions of golden perch fingerlings" after a release of environmental water reached the Darling Anabranch, an often-dry riverbed that is an ancient path of the Darling River.
Consider the coral gardens of the Great Barrier Reef, the Gondwanian rainforests of the Daintree and Queensland, the ancient Kakadu National Park, the moss-filled forests of South West Tasmania, the breathtaking Kimberley, vast white Antarctica, sand-infused Fraser Island, the mighty Murray Darling River Basin, and the snow-chilled mountains and valleys of the Australian Alps.
The most impressive Murray cod breeding in 20 years is under way in the Lower Darling River as a result of environmental watering.
Dancers and storytellers from Traditional Nations all along the river's 3000 kilometre course gathered at the top of the Darling River.
Abstract: People whose maternal ancestry stems mainly from the Paakintji and Ngiyambaa language groups of the Darling River region contributed blood samples for a study which identified distinctive types from the hypervariable mitochondrial D-loop segment 1.