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an Australian river


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1]of irrigated agriculture because of its proximity to the Darling River (Fig.
Each of these travellers crossed the Murray River at what became known as Overland Corner, near the Darling River junction, and travelled directly to Adelaide.
I am Paakantyi and my grandmothers dialect of Paakantyi is Kurnu from the Darling River between Wilcannia and Bourke.
The south-east district data lie in the field between the Murray and Darling River SPM data.
That's why the Darling River got a lot of bends in it, it's like a tree root.
5 kilometre-long slide came down one hillside straight into the Darling River, blocking a mainline logging road and dumping tons of dirt into the river.
The local inhabitants are the Barkinji or river people, who believe that the great Darling River was created by Barka, a mythical ancestral serpent, as it undulated across the land.
Australia's Darling River looked as though it had been painted green.
Australia--Canberra, Murray River, Darling River, Alice Springs, Darwin,
The Murray and Darling river systems flow through a semi-arid plain in which water availability varies through the year, in longer-term cycles of drought, and in the longest-term cycles of world glaciation.
Consider the coral gardens of the Great Barrier Reef, the Gondwanian rainforests of the Daintree and Queensland, the ancient Kakadu National Park, the moss-filled forests of South West Tasmania, the breathtaking Kimberley, vast white Antarctica, sand-infused Fraser Island, the mighty Murray Darling River Basin, and the snow-chilled mountains and valleys of the Australian Alps.
People such as Badger and Murray are more informed as it were on the historic styles of Darling River area objects.
The model also represented feedback loops between the surface water models--for example, water levels in the Menindee Lakes constrain flows into the Darling River.
This meridian intersects the course of the Murray close to its confluence with the Darling River.
1997) and for sediments in the Pooncarie region north of the Murray and east of the Darling River systems (Sircombe 1999).