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a hypothetical object capable of absorbing all the electromagnetic radiation falling on it

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At least, it was the head of Gogoomy--the dark object they had seen hanging in the smoke.
A number of long dark objects, which were too large for alligators and too long for canoes, lay upon the edges of these patches of sand.
Abraham, as he more fully awoke (for he had moved in a sort of trance so far), began to talk of the strange shapes assumed by the various dark objects against the sky; of this tree that looked like a raging tiger springing from a lair; of that which resembled a giant's head.
By the aid of a glass, dark objects, in constant succession, were seen, in the midst of a great glare of red light, to be thrown up and to fall down.
Doug, of Cambuslang, Glasgow, said: "I was driving home after visiting family in Lincoln when I noticed a dark object high in the sky at about 1pm.
Davina thinks Finn is drawing its power from a dark object and it was none other than Mikael (Sebastian Roche), who made an alliance with his son when it comes to taking down the vampires.
NNA - A sonar image showing a large, dark object under the sea was presumed to be the missing AirAsia plane, an official with IndonesiaA's search and rescue agency said on Wednesday.
Rescuers believe they have found the plane on the sea floor off Borneo, after sonar detected a large, dark object beneath waters near where debris and bodies were found on the surface.
Indonesian rescuers believe they have found the wreck of a crashed AirAsia plane on the ocean floor off Borneo, after sonar detected a large, dark object beneath waters where debris and bodies were found floating.
The eye enhances the edges of the object by making the edge of a dark object lighter and the edge of a lighter object darker.
The illusion of the moon as a gleaming white ball is just that, an illusion caused by looking at a dark object that is very brightly lit by the sun.
He picked up a dark object and put it down his trousers and he moved towards me.
I then realised there was a dark object in front of me and I realised I had collided with somebody.
He has a raptor skin on his head, probably a personal protector, and a long dark object across his back which could be a war or pipe bundle.
A black hole is a dense and dark object with gravity so strong that not even light can escape from it.