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comedy that uses black humor

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Dark humour, unruly hair and a funny-looking mug, perhaps; but baboons?
The truth is there is dark humour between politicians at Westminster even when you are knocking 'things' out of each other," the Birmingham Hodge Hill MP said.
COMBINING a unique aesthetic, conjured from his twisted imagination, with dark humour and heartfelt emotion, Tim Burton has remained a visionary in a sea of profitdriven conformity.
THEATRE: Known for their haunting tales, visual theatre, strange animated figures and dark humour, Faulty Optic presents the eccentric, droll and compassionate performance Fish Clay Perspex featuring puppets, miniature armless, pointy-footed figures, clay, lagging, pens and plastic.
It was all delivered in his usual laconic style laced with plenty of dark humour as we had everything from his obsession with family life and growing old through to a sideways glance at the recession both here and in America.
First-time blinkers applied and it remains to be seen if he is able to reproduce his best trying this surface for the first time, though not many horses fail to act around here Conclusion This race should prove to be nothing more than a stretch of the legs for Dark Humour based on his maiden form
Christopher Fowler sees the dark humour and irony of every day life as well as the horror and misery.
Dark humour is on its way from Newcastle Brown Ale in a new campaign starting next month called 'Brown humour, not to everyone's taste'.
There are a number of splendid roles and enough dark humour to keep insomniacs chuckling.
Amazing pieces of inventive craftsmanship and dark humour, such as Patrick Boivin's hilariously vicious sci-fi films L'Instinct grete and Gracien Tremblay Ap-26 329 (co-directed by Francis Lauzon) and Mathieu Fontaine's completely wacked out Tomate Tomato, proved that this kind of filmmaking has its place in the Quebec cinematic landscape just as much as Denis Villeneuve's Maelstrdoi.
And dark and twisted treats such as Jack The Ripper are topped off with deliciously dark humour.
Dark humour | For ticket details contact the LBT box office on 01484 430528 or www.
A world away from shaken Martinis, it's a grubby business of dark humour and dank irony.
Crowned Scottish Comedian of the Year in 2010, Ro Campbell is a UK-based Australian with a relentlessly entertaining brand of cheeky and slightly dark humour.
Super has a strange, bleak tone, with very dark humour that isn't funny.