camera obscura

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a darkened enclosure in which images of outside objects are projected through a small aperture or lens onto a facing surface

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Suddenly an idea occurred to me, and acting on my knowledge of the construction of the buildings of these ancient Martian cities with a hollow court within the center of each square, I groped my way blindly through the dark chambers, calling the great thoats after me.
Then you learn she was one of more than 200,000 children who suffered a horrific end here, clinging to her mother in a dark chamber until Zyklon B gas wrenched the last breath from her innocent life.
SUBRAMANYAN'S FIRST WORK in terracotta was the mural King of the Dark Chamber at the Ravindralaya Theatre in Lucknow (completed 1963).
A Belgian expert on de-stressing gave a four-day seminar on tapping into a dark chamber - our very own subconscious.
We designed and built a customized apparatus with a walk-in dark chamber and photomultiplier tube to measure biophoton emission.
The idea of a machine that would reveal truth within a dark chamber was familiar due to the currency of the camera obscura as an analogy to convey objectivity.
Players will get the chance to unleash their wits and agility in traversing the laser grids within a pitch dark chamber, as if they were playing an action hero.
Firstly, I will look at how they problematize the act of representing suffering as it is happening: should we linger outside the dark chamber, or be taken in as witnesses?
The variety is extreme, eclectic and sometimes humorous--from the stuffed Great Auk (the last one known in Iceland, killed in 1821, and bought at Sotheby's collectively by the Icelandic nation in 1971) to the dark chamber holding 14 manuscripts of Jonsbok, the text that contained the statutes of Iceland, from 1363 to the 20th century.
This situation turns the store into a dark chamber in case of power failure.
Two students were killed in the demonstrations that day, and it is likely that many more men and women across the region will lose their lives in the continuing struggles for freedom, dignity, democracy and whatever other desired objectives ordinary Arab men and women seek as they continue exiting from the dark chamber of their frozen history of the past half century or so.
thus goes a song in The King of the Dark Chamber (p.
At the back of a dark space in what were Once the cold storage rooms of the old Madrid slaughterhouse, or matadero, seven glass doors opened Onto a corridor leading to a dark chamber.
Nervously ushered into their dark chamber, visitors or "victims" hear horrid tales of black magic and witches from the castle's dark past.
Maggie arrived in the dark chamber, and saw Jerome sitting up in bed, puffing on an opium pipe.