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a general name for beer made with a top fermenting yeast

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These dark ales seem to be the coming thing," said Pete Reid.
Lord's beer is described as a 7% ABV Cascadian dark ale brewed with midnight wheat, flaked oats, crystal malts, and 2-Row Pale, and hopped with Amarillo and Mosaic to 70 IBUs.
5%, 25 IBU Dark Ale made with dark roasted chestnuts.
There's the sweet, golden Washington Old Hall Honey Beer inspired by the property's own hive of bees; Seaton Delaval Hall Pale Ale which is based on an 18th century recipe for the small beer once prepared in the on-site brew house; Souter Lighthouse Best Bitter, a brilliant copper coloured drink that takes its lead from the fact the famous beacon was the first in the world to use electricity, and Lindisfarne Castle Dark Ale which uses hyssop from the adjacent walled garden designed by Gertrude Jekyll.
Tesco has become the first chain to stock the resulting Welsh Beef in Brains Dark Ale curry and this week introduced the newcomer to chillers in 30 of its Welsh stores.
One dark ale or lager (with some sweetness), such as brown ale or bock beer.
The Dare Brewery at the Falcon Inn in Aberdare recommends you sip this strong dark ale slowly before an open fire.
Overlooking the chaotic street scene as asteroids crash into buildings is a fire-breathing Mayan chieftain, apt symbolism for Point 2012 Black Ale, a robust dark ale inspired by the ancient Mayan "Long Count" calendar that ends ominously on December 21, 2012, prompting various doomsday predictions.
Perhaps a name-change, relabelling it as dark ale or winter warmer, would work better to move it forward from its old-fashioned roots.
Described simply as a Belgian-style dark ale, this is an estery, fruity treat, richly flavorful, perfect for the season.
Hops lift the flavours of this thick, dark ale, before the robust chocolate and nutty notes take hold.
Sales of Randall's Brewery's dark ale Cynful have soared 30% after winning the Tesco Beer Challenge.
Thornbridge Bracia (England): Made with seven malts, five hops, and chestnut honey from the Alpine foothills of Northeast Italy, this dark ale pours jet black and tastes of chocolate, coffee, liquorice, and hazelnuts all in one.
2% ABV, 55 IBU dark ale that melds chocolate and caramel flavors with luscious citrusy grapefruity hops.