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The author takes the reader on ten journeys--each journey 75 miles or more--across Britain to reconstruct the history and people of the region in the Dark Ages and early medieval period.
That means players who love building out compelling narratives over time or maximizing the effectiveness of their Civ both have incentives to enter Dark Ages.
He tasked them with exploring the village and getting hands-on with Dark Ages crafts such as candle making, pottery, rope-making, fabricating jewellery, producing their own ink and even concocting Viking medicines and potions.
Continued improper prescribing is a step back to the Dark Ages GEORGE MCNAMARA OF THE ALZHEIMER'S SOCIETY
The Dark Ages are the shadowy centuries from the end of the Roman occupation in the early Fifth century to the end of the Ninth Century - a time which produced legends like King Arthur and Alfred the Great.
want to go dark ages "The procurement for new Merseyrail trains is currently under way.
Even then no one called the Europeans in the dark ages.
Until recently, astronomers believed that it was impossible to observe stars when the universe was so young and just coming out of its so-called dark age -- a time when the universe was permeated by hydrogen gas and before any light sources such as stars had switched on.
Nothing was producing visible light during the Dark Ages, which lasted several hundred million years.
JOHNHIGGINS reckons 2010 will be the year snooker finally sees the light and climbs out of the dark ages.
The light at the end of the dark ages is almost in sight.
THE most disturbing aspect of the return to the dark ages of football hooliganism was the sight of brainless middle-aged men displaying such open anger and hatred.
In pursuit of an enhanced role for archaeology in histories of the Dark Ages we must not throw the baby out with the bath water.
There are, however, elements of the monastic movements that served well in other dark ages.
California) found over the past 5,000 years a pattern in which expanding human activity degraded the environment until a collapse during which the natural world recovered, periods we call Dark Ages.