Dark Ages

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Brutal warlords have assumed control of the land and a dark age has descended upon mankind.
Plants vs Zombies 2 Dark Ages Part 2 is an update to the fifth world in the game.
Even then no one called the Europeans in the dark ages.
Until recently, astronomers believed that it was impossible to observe stars when the universe was so young and just coming out of its so-called dark age -- a time when the universe was permeated by hydrogen gas and before any light sources such as stars had switched on.
The so-called Staffordshire Hoard shone a dazzling light into the shadowy world of the Dark Age Midlands.
Snooker was huge in the 80s and 90s but has been stuck in the dark ages.
THE most disturbing aspect of the return to the dark ages of football hooliganism was the sight of brainless middle-aged men displaying such open anger and hatred.
There are, however, elements of the monastic movements that served well in other dark ages.
This is the so-called Dark Ages ( a period of history about which little is known.
California) found over the past 5,000 years a pattern in which expanding human activity degraded the environment until a collapse during which the natural world recovered, periods we call Dark Ages.
If you haven't heard the buzz about Lily Allen yet, one can only assume you're still living in the dark ages of DOS prompts and dial-up.
Otherwise, we are no wiser than the kings and emperors of old, who relied totally upon wizards and seers, because computers and repetitious laboratory data were unavailable in their Dark Ages.
Before we fatalistically fall into the perspective that a sane, Christian country on earth is an exercise in futility, let us reflect on the Dark Ages, before we fall into our own: the barbaric Goths were converted to Catholicism and built the Gothic cathedrals
But he still kind a lives in the Dark Ages and my uncles are all like him.
With meteorological technology and forecasting still relatively in the dark ages at that time, people were ill-prepared for the immensity of the Great Hurricane of 1938.