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an Iranian language spoken in Afghanistan

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Tekanan Modal Kerja: Fitch menilai meningkatnya eksposur Pan Brothers sebagai mitra logistik para pelanggannya berkontribusi pada peningkatan kebutuhan modal kerja, sehingga menyebabkan arus kas negatif dari operasi dan leverage tinggi.
The head of the BBC's Afghan service, Meena Baktash defended the use of the term Dari, noting that it was the official name of the language in Afghanistan.
Au niveau des resultats financiers, Dari Couspate a realise un chiffre d'affaires en legere baisse de 4% par rapport au premier semestre 2016 et ressort a 283,2 millions de DH.
Bin Dari said that there were special preparations for the Eid weekend, where ambulance personnel were working around the clock in different shifts in 95 different ambulance points in the city.
The researchers administered sociolinguistic group questionnaires to groups of men and women, as well as questionnaires to village elders, elicited word lists and tested and observed intelligibility of Dari.
It was then Dari left the shop and was punched by Mr Rees before walking off.
English to Dari), must involve a culturally and linguistically savvy English-Dari bilingual capable of listening to an interview, simultaneously figuring out its substantive message, communicating it to the target receiver(s) in Dari, receiving their response, processing it, and finally, delivering it back to its source in English, hopefully still intact.
One of the two official languages of Afghanistan, Dari is that nation's main language of administration, as it was for the Mughal emperors in centuries past.
These Westerners, rather than learning Dari and Pashto and seeking to seamlessly fit into Afghan society so as to help rebuild Afghanistan, have their own agenda.
Al Salam Bank-Bahrain has launched a new property financing product called Dari.
Dari offers to customers various types of contracts including purchasing houses, commercial and investment apartments, commercial and investment real estates, lands and financing home building or home extension.
MANAMA: Al Salam Bank-Bahrain has launched the Dari property financing in a move to achieve the desires of its customers to own their dream properties.
Everybody loves a comeback and nobody's doing it better than Britney," Dari Marder, chief marketing officer for the brand," The New York Daily News quoted Dari Marder, chief marketing officer for the brand as saying.
Dari Home Loans will become one of the first real estate financing companies in the Kingdom to specifically cater to the middle income sector, providing the highest levels of excellence, quality and services.
Module 1 of the Dari language program introduces students to the letters of the alphabet.