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an Iranian language spoken in Afghanistan

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By 2005, Dari Mart had grown into a regional chain with 500 employees and 43 stores that stretched from Albany, north of the farm, to Cottage Grove, south of the farm.
Robert Paris Riger, Vice President & Director Pimsleur Language Programs added, "Pimsleur is genuinely excited to be working with the USO to ensure that our Pashto and Dari Language Programs reach the soldiers in Afghanistan free of charge.
Some MPs insist university should be called "Danish Kadah" in Dari and faculty "Danish Gah.
Telltale succeeds two other farms that have operated in this location the past two years, thanks to efforts by the Willamette Farm and Food Coalition, Dari Mart and Lane Coalition for Healthy Active Youth, the childhood obesity prevention program, to bring fresh food to the neighborhood.
C (Mayadeen) is showcasing its Dari and Aurora developments on Shams Abu Dhabi on Al Reem Island, at this weekAEs Abu Dhabi Real Estate & Investment Show (IREIS) 2009.
The ICOIC has suggested both Dari and Pashto terminologies should be included in the law, but some legislators opposed it, saying the suggestion was not final.
Stockton |South MP Dari Taylor and local resident Vera Hanrahan kick off the re-naming ceremony following the park's major facelift
Dari and Pashto -- the two principal languages spoken in Afghanistan -- are now on the air two hours and 15 minutes a day and will soon be expanded to three hours each, according to VOA.
Marion County prosecutors presented evidence from the Dari Mart case - including information regarding Brumwell's interest in satanism and "death metal" music - to jurors who returned the death sentence.
In Dari and Pashtun are the words: "Is this the future you want for your women and children?
PASHTO: A member of the Iranian group of languages spoken by 11 million people in Pakistan and 8 million in Afghanistan, where it is the official language along with Dari.
Dari is closely related to Farsi, used in Iran, and to Tajik, used in Tajikistan.
This article discusses lessons learned collecting field data in English and Dari with the aid of Afghan interpreters having prerequisite proficiency in both languages to help mediate bilingual communication.
Mr Jones said Mr Rees was already on the floor, but as he got to his feet he was hit across the head by Dari, who had a belt wrapped around his hand.
About Brightspot CMS Brightspot CMS is the first application built on top of Dari.