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an impoverished region of western Sudan

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Darfor bor Sten (dar) inte dar langre therefore lives Sten (there) not there anymore
Darfor ger mig Tutanchamons hemska forbannelse therefore gives me Tutankhamen's terrible curse ingen ro no peace 'Therefore Tutankhamen's terrible curse gives me no peace.
Mack's further comments about genocide are in line with current standards: we couldn't help in Rwanda because we couldn't decide in time if it was genocide, similarly in Darfor today.
Det ar darfor passande att Ryder Cup 2014 ENtervander hit for att spelas pEN samma PGA Centenary Course i Gleneagles.
17) Yes I do know it's bad for my Visst, jag vet att det inte ar health as a matter of fact, bra for min halsa; det ar darfor that's why I like it.
Men hos CarDelMar finns darfor den passande brollopsresan sarskilt billigt.