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the strait between the Aegean and the Sea of Marmara that separates European Turkey from Asian Turkey

the unsuccessful campaign in World War I (1915) by the English and French to open a passage for aid to Russia

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17) Edmond Delage (translation by John Lane), The Tragedy of the Dardenelles, The Bodley Head, 1932.
One account suggests that 86,692 Turks and 33,532 Allied troops were killed in the naval and land campaign to penetrate the Dardenelles and that most of the Allied troops killed were not Australians or New Zealanders.
Historically this area was known as the Dardenelles and Motherlode Crown grants which were surveyed by the Crown in 1898.
He enlisted and served all four years of the war, earning him his French citizenship, and taking him to all fronts, including the Dardenelles in his native country of Turkey.
In the true American style, Fossett took a degree in Economics and Philosophy at Stamford University and further business qualification, during which he also swam the Dardenelles.
Dead soldiers are icons for the nation; Simpson may have been a Wobbly, but he wasn't going to build the OBU in the Dardenelles.
South Australian archives demonstrate a spontaneous or instinctive response to commemorate those killed, together with a desire to help maimed soldiers from the Gallipoli landing and the Dardenelles battlefields.
With the withdrawal of the AIF from the Dardenelles, the immense task of expanding the force began.
When people questioned this traditional system, they were recognizing the grand scale of death on the battlefield, especially after the resounding failure in the Dardenelles, which initiated the transformation from the volunteer adventure-war-hero to the conscripted Tommy, an abrupt change in national identity.
Our 3D system enhances the operational efficiency and effectiveness of port authorities, and organisations which monitor and manage vessels in confined waterways, like the narrow Bosphorus which runs through Istanbul and the Dardenelles, to its south.
2A/B Harry Fair who joined the Royal Navy, took part in the bombardment of the Turks at the Dardenelles and was later rescued when his ship was torpedoed; l Gunner [He was actually Private] William Fair, the Royal Warwicks, who was invalided home from France early in the war but returned to continue fighting; l And last survivor of them all, Private Robert Fair.
Ada trained as a nurse at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, enlisted with the Territorial Nursing Service and left for the Dardenelles on a hospital ship in July 1915.