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(Greek mythology) founder of Troy

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Isocheles sawayai had the greatest number of specimens (575), followed by Loxopagurus loxochelis (56), Petrochirus diogenes (9), Dardanus insignis (2), Pagurus exilis (1), and Pagurus leptonyx (1) (Table 1).
Virgil claims that a Trojan ethnic identity preexisted Troy, with Dardanus having departed from Corythus (in Tuscany), eventually to settle in Trojan territory (Virgil 1935, VII.
He is the son of Priam and Hecuba, a descendant of Dardanus, who lived under Mount Ida, and of Tros, the founder of Troy.
En este trabajo describio varios generos y especies, entre los cuales estan: Eumenia godartii, Desmozona ascolides, Mesene hewitsonii, Mesene simbla, Mesene niciades, Mesene macularia, Hyaliris, Godyris, Ithomiafizella, Ithomia depauperata, Pagyris, Synchloe pretona, Synchloe paupera, Catagrama phytas, Heterochroa oberthurii, Heterochroa lorzae, Paphia onophis, Paphia eubaena, Caligo fabricii, Pavonia dardanus, Pavonia scamander, Eryphanis y Neonympha metaleuca.
New aspects on the symbiotic relationships between Dardanus focosus (Crustacea: Paguridae), Calliactis tricolor (Cnidaria: Hormathiidae) and Porcellana sayana (Crustacea: Porcellanidae).
sawayai occurred more frequently at a lower depth (5 m) than the coexistent hermit crab species in the Caraguatatuba region, such as Dardanus insignis (Saussure, 1858), Pagurus exilis (Benedict, 1892) and Loxopagurus loxochelis (Moreira, 1901), and that were registered frequently at 15-20 m of depth (Meireles, 2006; Meireles et al.
De Armas studies Cervantes' use of necromancy in La Numancia, alluding to Virgil's account of Dido, who immolates herself on the pyre and curses Aeneas: "Arise from my dead bones, O my unknown avenger, and harry the race of Dardanus with tire and sword" (Aeneid 4.
In 1781, after several years composing opera in Italy, Germany and England, he settled in Paris, where he completed four French operas--Renaud, Chimene, Dardanus and Oedipe a Colone (a fifth, Arvire et Evelina, was unfinished at his death).
Indeed in a letter to Dardanus he claims, "This land, which has now through Christ's passion and resurrection become our Promised Land, is believed by the Jews--so the Jews may contend--to have belonged to the Jewish people after their return from Egypt.
This is because the individual arias and songs have been chosen not just from existing solo recordings, but from some large projects, such as Gluck's opera Paris and Helen or Rameau's Dardanus.
The "Symphony" borrows from things like Castor et Pollux, Les Fetes d'Hebe, Dardanus, Le Temple de la Gloire, Les Boreades, La Naissance d'Osiris, Hippolyte & Arcie, Nais, and others.
For example, the performance of Rameau's Dardanus at the Polignac salon featured a harpsichord that had belonged to the father of Prince Edmond de Polignac (Sylvia Kahan, Music's Modern Muse: A Life of Winnaretta Singer Princesse de Polignac [Rochester NY: Rochester University Press, 2003], 92).
nec tibi diva parens, generis nec Dardanus auctor, perfide, sed duris genuit te cautibus horrens Caucasus, Hyrcanaeque admorunt ubera tigpes.
Functional morphology of the mouthparts and gastric mill in the hermit crabs Clibanarius taenitua (Milne Edwards), Clibanarius virescens (Krauss), Paguristes squamousus McCulloch and Dardanus setifer (Milne-Edwards) (Anomura: Paguridea).
And with the champion jockey booked again by trainer Lawrence Wells, he looks nailed on to oblige at the expense of Charlie Mann's Dardanus.