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any of a group of Indic languages spoken in Kashmir and eastern Afghanistan and northern Pakistan

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On February 10, when DARD returned to the premises to remove the herd under the deprivation order, they found 33 animals were unfit for transport and therefore had to be humanely destroyed.
Dard, Olivier: <<Conclusion>>, in Olivier Dard (ed), Georges Valois, itineraire et receptions.
The explanation given was that at the price negotiated they could not afford to supply lamb," stated the report, written by Karl Oakman of DARD.
DARD Northern Ireland has advised that there is no quantifiable risk to public health, but, in consultation with its supplier, DARD and the Food Standards Agency, the Co-op has decided, purely as a precautionary measure, to recall all products that were processed in the same batch," she said.
On December 3, came the welcome announcement by the DARD Minister of an immediate temporary ban on trawling and dredging activity on the lough.
Patricia Scott, Vice President of the Friends of the Dard Hunter Paper Museum, had initiated a biography of Hunter, but died of cancer before completing her work.
In addition, XenoSense has formed an agreement with Northern Ireland's Department of Agricultural and Rural Development (DARD) to commercialize products DARD develops.
If this trend continues with all those who have yet to submit their applications, the target of 70% of applications online will be achieved and DARD should be in a position to make advance payments.
Each bookmaker in Northern Ireland pays a licence fee to Dard, which goes into the Horse Racing Fund.
Guests of all ages love the antics of Tom & Jerry, and we are delighted to bring this caliA[degrees] bre of entertainment to Oman during Muscat Festival, reinA[degrees] forcing our leadership in hosA[degrees] ting internationalA[degrees]standard events and raising the stanA[degrees] dard of entertainment for the sultanate," said Husam al Mandhari, senior mall managA[degrees] er for City Centre Muscat.
Mr Weaving is hoping that if the 17 cattle are returned the DARD will reclassify the rest of the herd as negative TB reactors, thus lifting the trading restrictions.
The robbers had snatched ` 7,000 cash and three mobile phones from a handicraft shop in the Basti Hazrat Khwaja Meer Dard.
He said: "Canal traffic has increased considerably in recent years and the stan dard of boating is getting worse.
The zoo doesn't want to comment except to say it will be working within the guidelines of DARD.