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areas where Muslims are in the minority and are persecuted

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In a lengthy lecture series offering an Islamic perspective on the subject of modern warfare, Mizanur Rahman addressed the subject of how countries are determined to be dar al-harb or dar al-Islam (an abode of Islam).
Lutfi affirms the defence of Dar Al-Islam as an individual obligation (fardhu ain), and that Dar Al-Islam is not converted into Dar Al-Harb by being ruled by non-Muslims.
The 9/11 jolt caused him to think that the big show is between Dar al-Harb and the fundamentalist jihadis.
More than a challenge, here was an updating of the ancient division of the world into the Dar al-Islam and the Dar al-Harb.
The mushrikun [infidels] of Dar al-Harb [the arena of battle] are of two types: First, those whom the call of Islam has reached, but they have refused it and have taken up arms.
the Muslim countries) and Dar al-Harb ("The House of War"--i.
The resulting persecutions instantiated and perpetuated what Anabaptists call a "Two Kingdom" theology and Muslims regard as the "Two Regions" of the world: the dar al-Islam, or "abode of Islam," and the dar al-harb, or "abode of war.
Though it is true that medieval Muslim scholars did divide the world into these two basic categories, Sicker overlooks the long and sophisticated discussions regarding the multivalent meanings of jihad fi sabil Allah (struggle in the path of God), especially the jihad that scholars referred to as the greater jihad (jihad al-akbar); that is, the spiritual struggle within oneself, which is more meritorious than the lesser jihad (jihad al-asghar) conducted against the Dar al-Harb.
All other areas are comprised in Dar al-Harb (the House of War), which should be pacified by converting the world into one unique House of Islam.
As Faisal saw it, the Dar al-Salaam now included the United States and other Western powers -- but not Israel -- while the Dar al-Harb included atheistic Communism, Zionism and imperialism.
For Islam, the distinction is primarily juridical and behavioral: Muslims are charged with replacing dar al-harb, the non-Islamic world of strife or "war," with dar al-Islam, the world of true peace, but this goal is one of achieving outer submission to law, not forcing inner conversion of belief.
Al-Shaybani in common with other Abbasid jurists divided the world into two spheres Dar al-Islam [territory of Islam] and Dar al-Harb [territory of War].
This installment of the third edition contains articles on such matters as archives in Central Asia, caliph and caliphate up to 932/1517, the Caniklizade family of northern Anatolia, dar al-Islam and dar al-harb, the Banu Fasanjus family of bureaucrats from Shiriz who served the Buyid amirs and 'Abbasid caliphs, Syrian Sufi master al-Shaykh 'Alwan, poet Abu Muhammad al-Qasim b.
They argue that since Turkey is a dar al-harb (an non-Islamic country) and since what Islamists are doing is jihad, they can bend Islamic rules out of necessity and also break the official law.
He avoided taking any clear stance on the classical division of the world into dar al-harb and dar al-lslam.