Dar al-harb

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areas where Muslims are in the minority and are persecuted

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The 9/11 jolt caused him to think that the big show is between Dar al-Harb and the fundamentalist jihadis.
More than a challenge, here was an updating of the ancient division of the world into the Dar al-Islam and the Dar al-Harb.
Is the rest of the world automatically defined as Dar al-Harb with which a state of jihad exists, or do the treaties and diplomatic relations which exist between Muslim countries and "infidel" countries (including the charter of the United Nations) change this?
Some scholars claim that as long as a Muslim can practice his faith openly, the country is not Dar al-Harb.
Al-Shaybani in common with other Abbasid jurists divided the world into two spheres Dar al-Islam [territory of Islam] and Dar al-Harb [territory of War].
They argue that since Turkey is a dar al-harb (an non-Islamic country) and since what Islamists are doing is jihad, they can bend Islamic rules out of necessity and also break the official law.
Nations fall within Daral-Islam or territory of war, Dar al-Harb.
The border separating what Muslims call dar al-islam, the "House of Submission (Islam)," from dar al-harb, the "House of Warfare" seems increasingly to define a long irregular battlefront, one that as of September 11, 2001, stretches across four continents.
1, letter 259) mentions separately the children of the polytheists in the dar al-harb and the children of the ahl al-dhimma.
Unfortunately, the right to private property and security of property, which are recognized as absolute and untouchable by all systems that respect universal law, have become history in this country because there is a mentality and logic in Turkey now similar to that of ISIL, which sees everywhere it is active as Dar al-harb (a geopolitical term that divides the world as Muslim and non-Muslim and further regards the non-Muslim world as a battleground) and seizes the life and property of everyone it sees as the other as contraband of war.
This is the vast Dar al-Harb (territories of war) of Islam's flag carrier and guardian of Muslims all over the world.
They argue that since Turkey is in the Dar al-Harb (an un-Islamic country, in the abode of war) and since what Islamists are doing is jihad, they can bend Islamic rules out of necessity and also break the official law.
They consider their political opposition to be enemies, thus justify all their Machiavellian acts with the false assertion that they are living in asr al-harb (time of war) if not dar al-harb (abode of war).
After all, this terrorist organization views Turkey as dar al-harb, a country against which armed struggle or jihad is legitimate, just like it sees the Pakistani and Afghan governments from the same perspective.
Ibn Taymiyyah's "Mardin fatwa" addresses the question of whether the city -- in his time ruled by the Mongols, who were nominally Muslims but committed atrocities that some claimed cast doubt over their status as such -- fell into the classical categorization of either dar al-harb (abode of war) or dar al-Islam (abode of Islam).