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areas where Muslims are in the majority

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Third: 'Ushor: is customs duties levied on Muslims, non- Muslims and merchants who were people of the Pledge (from Dar al harb who enter Dar al-Islam with Temporary Assurance of protection) [3].
The quest for sacred knowledge is now no longer limited to young men and women going to the traditional lands of Islam--not only because there remains but only a small portion of the traditional dar al-Islam that is not in constant turmoil, but also because these seekers of knowledge are increasingly gravitating to new centers of knowledge in the West--places where such knowledge was previously not available.
Conquest meant a constant, though not necessarily large, flow of immigrants from other parts of the Dar al-Islam who brought with them new techniques and technologies (see Watson 1998 for innovations in agriculture).
And you responded, "Through our revolutionary actions, we'll be able to force them to play according to our script, to waste their resources in trying to take control over the Dar al-Islam, from the mountains of the Hindu Kush to the rivers of Meso-potamia.
The next dualism Brohi presents is that of Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb, the house of submission and the house of war.
As to the matter of dar al-Islam versus dar al-kufr (the perpetual war between the Muslim and infidel abodes), the question reduces to the natural competition between those jurisdictions under Muslim authority, and those not.
Down the many centuries, Muslims have seen themselves inhabiting the Dar al-Islam, and in this exclusive House of Islam they are to have their way in all matters great and small.
Radical Islamists view globalization as a new dawa (call) for the elimination of the boundaries between Dar al-Islam (domain of Islam) and Dar al-Kufr (domain of infidelity).
divide the world into two spheres: Dar al-Islam and Daral-Harb," said Robertson.
Does a state of jihad currently exist between Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb?
The country is in the heartland of Dar al-Islam, the true realm of the faith, not some backwater like Afghanistan.
The resulting persecutions instantiated and perpetuated what Anabaptists call a "Two Kingdom" theology and Muslims regard as the "Two Regions" of the world: the dar al-Islam, or "abode of Islam," and the dar al-harb, or "abode of war.
If you lived around the year 1500, when the West was becoming very powerful and the age of exploration had begun, Europeans had discovered the Americas, reached Asia through the Indian Ocean by navigation around Africa, but it could not penetrate the lands of dar al-islam.
Falah Shareef, a community adviser at the Dar Al-Islam Foundation, a cultural and community centre in Willesden, north-west London, welcomed the move.
Falah Shareef, a community adviser at the Dar Al-Islam Foundation, in Willesden, north-west London, said: "The Iraqi people appreciate the work done by the British and Americans.