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areas where Muslims are in the majority

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France is gripped by an irrational and deaf hatred against Islam and Muslims that pushed it to the head of the coalition against the caliphate," Dar al-Islam wrote last year, referring to the territory controlled by Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.
This however was done within what was generally assumed to be dAr al-islAm (abode of Islam).
Third: 'Ushor: is customs duties levied on Muslims, non- Muslims and merchants who were people of the Pledge (from Dar al harb who enter Dar al-Islam with Temporary Assurance of protection) [3].
The quest for sacred knowledge is now no longer limited to young men and women going to the traditional lands of Islam--not only because there remains but only a small portion of the traditional dar al-Islam that is not in constant turmoil, but also because these seekers of knowledge are increasingly gravitating to new centers of knowledge in the West--places where such knowledge was previously not available.
The draft, in the tradition of Sudanese precedents, begins with a series of definitions: "Sudan is a united Islamic state that exercises sovereignty over all the regions within its territory, and where the dictates of Dar al-Islam apply"; "Islam is the religion of the state, a faith, a path and a way of life"; "Arabic is the official language of the state"; "Sudan is part of the Moslem Umma and a member of regional and international organisations".
In a lengthy lecture series offering an Islamic perspective on the subject of modern warfare, Mizanur Rahman addressed the subject of how countries are determined to be dar al-harb or dar al-Islam (an abode of Islam).
The two most important are Dar Al-Islam (house of Islam) where a Muslim ruler is present and the shari'a is upheld, and Dar Al-Harb (house of war).
Ozcan comments that British non-interference in the religious practices of Muslims in India earned them the favour of some Meccan jurists who declared that British India was part of dar al-Islam.
One such foundation is Dar al-Islam, a sprawling campus in New Mexico.
Once the center of Dar al-Islam (the abode of Islam), Baghdad has been a center of violent conflict since 2003 because of the ongoing Iraq war.
We, in the West, do not legislate for the Dar al-Islam (the Muslim realm).
Cragg also has a message for Muslims, which addresses the notion--deep-rooted in the history of Islamic thought--that the world is divided into Dar al-Islam (the Abode of Islam, where Muslims and Islam prevail) and Dar al-Harb (the Abode of War, against which jihad is licit and standard).
As to the matter of dar al-Islam versus dar al-kufr (the perpetual war between the Muslim and infidel abodes), the question reduces to the natural competition between those jurisdictions under Muslim authority, and those not.
Down the many centuries, Muslims have seen themselves inhabiting the Dar al-Islam, and in this exclusive House of Islam they are to have their way in all matters great and small.