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a cocktail made with rum and lime or lemon juice

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Those banana daquiri shots are just like the women who scrubbed their steps but lived in squalor behind the front door.
LTP also manages the following concepts: Dan Marino's Town Tavern, Adobe Gila's, Ugly Tuna Saloona, Mile High Daquiri Bar and Iguana Cantina.
The Lawler range will be on show for the first time; this will include their selection of preportioned cheesecakes and new products - Chocolate Fudge Collusion, Strawberry Daquiri cheesecake and Key Lime pie.
The ship's not as ship-shape as we'd imagined as plates of half-eaten food are stacked in piles all over the place, but safe in the knowledge that a Strawberry Daquiri can cheer up a girl quicker than a decent cabin, we leave Rik to his adoring public and rush to the bar.
Now excuse me while I sip my strawberry daquiri by the pool.
The drinks list offers around 30 or so different cocktails and includes Mojito and Daquiris, Pina Colada and Black Russian.
Or,if you can't stand the thought of missing out on those delicious summer ice creams and strawberry daquiris, you head to the gym and get shaping up for all that sun worshipping.
Three days in, we bumped into each other at the hotel bar and drank more strawberry daquiris, then Richard offered to walk me back to my room.
Alati's group of mixologists will not let you down when it comes to choosing your favorite drink; Margaritas, Long Islands, Mojitos and Daquiris are all well and good but the Caipirinha is by far the pick of the bunch.
Their cocktail list will fire up a fiesta pretty easily with mojitos, daquiris and pisco sours all up for grabs.
I only had three glasses of champagne, and then two lychee daquiris, but I'm such a lightweight now, I never drink.