Daphne cneorum

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widely cultivated low evergreen shrub with dense clusters of fragrant pink to deep rose flowers

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HEAVEN SCENT Carol takes in blissful actaea racemosa TOUGH TO BEAT Daphne cneorum is one of the hardiest plants around
and Bylinsky, 2004, "Micrpropagation of endangered species Daphne cneorum,".
Since scented plants need to be at nose height, it follows that the smallest of these, like crocus bulbs, primulas, alpine phloxes and dwarf shrubs such as daphne cneorum need to be lifted higher for their fragrance to be fully appreciated.
Daphne cneorum, the Garland Flower, gives us amongst the strongest scents.
PLANT Dicentra Spertabilis or Bleeding Heart, Lily-Of-The-Valley and the sweetly-scented shrub Daphne Cneorum for colour in your borders this month.