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2016: Mapping Danubian whitefin gudgeon (Romanogobio vladykovi) in the SCI Meanders in Jihlava and Musovsky luh.
He covers a new Europe or a Balkanized Europe as a British dilemma 1919-21, attitudes and calculations determining British policy toward Danubian Europe 1921-25, managing perpetual crisis 1925-27, the transitional years 1928-32, and the quest for an elusive Danubian security 1933-36.
2008), "Erosion control works and the intensity of soil erosion in the upper part of the river Toplica drainage basin," presented at 24th Conference of the Danubian Countries on the Hydrological Forecasting and Hydrological Bases of Water Management, Bled, Slovenia.
In Danubio, the scene is preceded by the section "Mar Nero" and followed by "La citta morta" and "Al confine", dedicated to the bright world of the Danubian delta.
Slavic one); in the Danubian (Romanian) principalities (Moldavia and
The report's conclusion was that Romania had to have an important position in the Danube issue, despite differences that might occur in the future: "in summary, we desire and possibly for our country's future interest to reach an arrangement that would be recognized that no change should be done to the Danubian in the future without Romania's effective participation, that the exercise of river police to belong to the residents which is exposed in Romanian project--that only resident states participate in the commission's expenses that would receive the title of Supervisory Commission, that no expenditure may be imposed on the residents without their consent.
At the very least, Danubian Studies can provide a productive scholarly framework for European Studies appropriate to the EU's contemporary transnational project and the intertwined cultural and political pasts alike of the entire region.
Some companies such as Danubian Aircraft have been successful in this transformation.
Nagy, "The United States and the Danubian Basin (1919-1939)," in Dezso Nemes, ed.
Add to this the target fish being large barbel, ide and Danubian roach which reach 6lb or more and the fishing was so far removed from what we experience in Britain that it is not surprising that even England-rated World top teamcould only manage 16th place.
In 1278, Rudolph IV of Habsburg defeated the Magyars at the Battle of Marchfeld, and occupied the Danubian basin.
Accordingly, the English diplomat William Wilkinson, evoking the period within which he was located in the Danubian principalities, in mission, he estimated that Bucharest had 80,000 inhabitants and 366 churches, that ensures an average of 218,5 inhabitants for each Church, i.
I feel about R-H as Guy does about "anti-fascist 'cellists and dealers in abstract painting from the Danubian Basin.
Migration from the black sea part into Europe started about 45, 000 years ago, along the Danubian corridor.