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Gagov noted that the construction of the third bridge over the Danube River would seek EU co-financing under the 2014-2020 programming period once the place had been selected.
Award of a contract for the supply of electrical energy for the locations of the Danube River Isar Hospital from 1.
Contract award: natural gas supply to the tapping points of the danube river isar hospital.
The level of the Bulgarian stretch of the Danube river is slightly decreasing, head of the Agency for Exploration and Maintenance of the river Georgi Georgiev informed.
Photo: The Danube River splits Hungary's Buda, foreground, and Pest.
This place is based on the slopes of the Fruska Gora and the banks of the Danube River.
Meanwhile, The level of the Bulgarian stretch of the Danube river continues to rise and has flooded a fishing village near the city of Ruse.
But as long as Brcko is under Serbian control, the Muslims and Croats of Bosnia are unable to reach Croatia and the Sava River, a vital artery that serves as a link to the Danube River and the Black Sea.
The increasing levels of Danube river will not affect shipping, however some of the quays are at risk of being flooded, Bulgaria's Transport Minister Danail Papazov said, Tuesday.
Design, manufacture and supply of specialized vessel (for conducting hydrographic surveys in the common bulgarian-romanian section of the danube river from the mouth of timok (km 845.
I attended this class for two hours every day, on the old Danube River.
Design, manufacture and supply of small vessel for control of the implementation of the provisions of the issued under the water act permits for use of water subject to seizure of alluvial deposits in the bulgarian section of the danube river from the mouth of timok ( 845 650 km) to the town of silistra (km 374.
Every now and then, the camera moves away from the action to show the tranquil Danube River bobbing with corpses and body parts.
The water level of the Danube River near Bulgaria's Lom rose by 54 centimeters over the past 24 hours to 824 centimeters, causing the lowest sections of the port to get flooded.
Prior Information Notice: ipa river training and dredging works on critical sectors on the danube river.