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Project name : project - "Development of the Danube River Basin for better connection of the Euroregion Rousse-Giurgiu with Pan-European Transport Corridor No 7" financed by the INTERREG VA Romania-Bulgaria Program, through a Grant Contract with the MA of the INTER
In first approach, plotted points were enveloped by using creager's equation, developed for Danube River basin.
The Danube River outlet into the Black Sea makes the port of Constanta the primary ingress and egress point for bulk commodities being traded into and out of Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary.
During the third ministerial conference of the Danube Cooperation Process in Belgrade in 2007 everybody agreed that "the DCP will continue to provide political support to Danube-related cooperation initiatives in the region, in particular within the existing frameworks of the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR) and other established institutions.
Budapest, Hungary, Rajab 30, 1434, Jun 9, 2013, SPA - Hungarian officials say the crest of the flooded Danube River is expected to reach Budapest late Sunday but that defenses should keep the water out of most of the capital.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The rising water level in the Danube River reached 971 centimeters by 8 am local time, or 10 am Moscow time, today and keeps rising.
In October 2010, 185 million gallons of caustic sludge burst from an aluminum oxide plant in Ajka, Hungary, deluging nearly 2,000 acres and spilling into the Danube River.
A man walks by damaged boats on a frozen part of the Danube river in Belgrade, Serbia
The facility, which is located close to the Danube river, will require approximately 575,000 tons of corn annually.
In conjunction with the launch of its 2011 River Cruise Atlas, Viking River Cruises, announced a brand-new itinerary along the Danube River in Eastern Europe.
Linnerooth-Bayer and Murcott state that the Danube River provides a valuable resource for many competing uses.
Hemus Motorway will link Sofia to Varna on the Black Sea coast when completed, with an offshoot to Rousse on the Danube River, which would be given priority given the high traffic to and from Romania.
Summary: American Michael Goulian won a thrill-filled Red Bull Air Race in Budapest while Britain's Paul Bonhomme grabbed second place and knocked Austrian Hannes Arch out of the championship lead in an exciting battle over the Danube River in front of a national holiday crowd of 650,000.
In the case of the Danube river, these are related to transport, environment and economics.