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of or relating to Dante Alighieri or his writings


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19) His new conception of literary activity involved a shift from the Voltairean notion of writer described above to a Dantesque model.
When expressing her fear, the anonymous poet constructs the verse with Dantesque overtones.
The "dark valley" which, according to the I-Ching divination, the straitened subject must enter and which occurs in different guises throughout DreamStories is similar to the "dark wood" of Dantesque and medieval dream allegory, which the pilgrim or traveller enters in the middle of his life.
The naming of Brunetto suggests a banal, perhaps homosexual, Dantism, also in evidence on December 18,1934, when he instructs "Benito" (whose name he parses) in the pronunciation of "Italia" with Dantesque dieresis.
What about the Dantesque idioms used by the geologist Dal Piaz or the harsh Austrian accent of his colleague and rival Muller?
Similarly Petrarch abandoned the original semantic value of important Dantesque terminology, substituting a more polyvalent semantic that belied the original identity between word and object.
To ask little of Poetry, trying to let it be dominated by that Dantesque intelletto d'amore which is both postulate and corollary of poetic language, means to ask the essential from it: let it come to us; let it touch us.
10) Some other studies of Dante in the Orlando furioso include Segre, "Un repertorio linguistico e stilistico dell' Ariosto"; Blasucci; and Hauvette, "Reminiscences dantesque dans le Roland Furieux.
In detailed testimonials of professional art or pride (even of beggars), in defiant assertions of professional joys (even of servants), in spirited exchanges concerning professional morality, and in Dantesque catalogues of punishments for professional sins, the Discorsi is suffused with a professional ethos that can teach us much about moral and psychological attitudes toward work in early modern culture.
In a sort of modern Dantesque limbo, they are shielded from the vulgarity of modern times: "Will ever we live in our / commune of New York, / in a skyscraper, on the thirtieth floor, / together with our dearest friends?
But this homely vignette becomes quickly dantesque when we learn that Marcello cannot swerve from the straight to save his family and himself.
Probably the most fascinating of 19th-century constructions of a sort of Dantesque utopia is Lucien Pallez's (b.
23 For Bronzino's other workings of this Dantesque line, see "La pace," 58-60, "Lo sdegno," 73-75, and "Del bisogno," 1:22-24.
The Marlboro man, echoes of the Old Testament, Dantesque dialogue, a parody of Rimbaud's "Chanson de la plus haute tour," and twistings of familiar phrases ("sans peur et sans rancune") coexist with generalized or abstract scenes that have no location.