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of or relating to Dante Alighieri or his writings


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1) All Dantean text is from Dante Alighieri, La Commedia secondo l'antica vulgata, ed.
His Dantean scene, a catastrophic vision of moral defiance and anger, contains a caustic anatomy of the wicked world at the "crack of doom.
19) The would-be assassin analyzes his proposed betrayal in Dantean terms, spelling out the quadruple nature of the taboo he is about to violate--murder of a kinsman (which is unnatural), murder of a sovereign (which is treason), murder of a guest (which offends the ancient and noble duty of hospitality), and murder of an anointed deputy of God (which is blasphemy).
The novel tells of a journey from childhood to the adult world, as well as a passage from the homeland to another country, something of a Dantean experience.
Shelley repeatedly borrows descriptive words from Dante, such as trembling (tremolante), sweet (dolce) and splendour (splendore), the latter of which John Taafe noted as Dantean in his 1822 annotated copy of Adonais (Fogle 39; Vassalo 108).
As David Pike notes, each of the Dantean figurae "reveals the truth of his life as a fixed, emblematic moment of sin" (208).
If each affair is to end in a journey of aloneness, then the fated challenge of such affairs is a crushing, fearful burden, almost Dantean in its refrain of sentencing.
Purged by his Dantean journey, he realizes: "There are no more wrathful gods no more warriors.
The latter is an almost metaphorical operation, one which concerns the level of enunciation and has one of its exemplary realizations in the series "fenomeni di fiera" ("carnival phenomena"; in Rive [Shores; Einaudi, 2001]), a Dantean gallery of transtelegenici, roadside spectacles immortalized in the varying sequence of hendecasyllabic verse lines as the "metrical cage, " and syllabotonic (or accentual-syllabic) pronunciation that removes them from the indistinct chatter of that other, more literal frame for speech, the television.
The Dantean Effects of Sin: Sin As Its Own Punishment
He now understands that "his story lay in a tarry of other peoples tales, each with its own Dantean complexity.
Although the seat has been around since 1937, our instinctively anti-feudal nation resisted the vaguely Dantean tide "poet laureate" in favor of "consultant in poetry.
We therefore suggest that the concept of a multi-layered universe was introduced by the Spanish intruders, and more specifically the Franciscans and their Dantean world-view with its nine layers in both heaven and underworld.
But Jefferson applies this Dantean image not to the events of December 1811 but to the period of his life most responsible for his fame--the period of writing the Declaration of Independence.
The Arsenale and the Italian Pavilion in particular were transformed into Dantean labyrinths of self-referential.