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of or relating to Dante Alighieri or his writings


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After describing various orgies of mayhem that have been his Dante-esque pleasure, the soldier sticks a gun in his own mouth and suicides.
It created a lot of space within the current confines of the station but it made little impact on the city itself - a city, lest we forget, which is engaged in a long-term project to rescue itself from the Dante-esque concrete visions of the postwar city planners.
Cage plays a strait-laced Pennsylvania private detective who, in trying to determine whether a snuff film is real or staged, journeys through the Dante-esque sexual underworlds of New York and L.
Annabella Sciorra is far more convincing as his wife Annie and her demise gives director Vincent Ward the chance for even more visual effects as she goes to a Dante-esque vision of hell filled with tormented souls.
The intense experiences of those eight days are etched in my memory, and I share Captain Morrell's sentiment on the failure of words to do justice to the Dante-esque scenes that played before my eyes.
The anti-Ikea brigade will paint a Dante-esque vision of shopping hell complete with thousands of crazed family shoppers, a baffling maze-like layout and the horror of having to build the damn things themselves even after surviving the horrors of the shopping experience and (gulp) home delivery.
Because at New Street Station those advocates of urban renaissance would have witnessed the continuing, Dante-esque nightmare of cancelled and delayed commuter services.
Mark Dippe, the movie's director, says he emphasized ``the macabre, Dante-esque aspects of the story, as well as Todd's amazing visual illustrations.