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English poet and painter who was a leader of the Pre-Raphaelites (1828-1882)


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3) Henry Treffry Dunn, Recollections of Dante Gabriel Rossetti and His Circle (Cheyne Walk Life), ed.
Which group of British painters included Dante Gabriel Rossetti, John Millais and William Holman Hunt?
MASTERPIECE Watercolours and Drawings is a new exhibition including work by JMW Turner, John Constable, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, David Cox and Edward Burne- Jones.
While Victorian artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti, described him as "a man of great genius".
A rare opportunity to see work from artists such as Edward Burne Jones, Ford Madox Brown, Dante Gabriel Rossetti as well as John Everitt Millais.
Many well known artists such as William Holman Hunt, Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Edward Burne-Jones are included.
The whole thing has a pre-Raphaelite sheen, with pictures and poses in the style of Dante Gabriel Rossetti.
1) So wrote Dante Gabriel Rossetti to his brother in September 1851 after reading a draft of "Pre-Raphaelitism," the article defending the early paintings of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood (1848-53) that William Michael would revise and then publish in the Spectator on October 4 of that year.
Dante Gabriel Rossetti was a Londoner through and through, but his father Gabriele, Professor of Italian at King's College London, was a political exile from Vasto in the Kingdom of Naples who welcomed fellow emigres to his home in Charlotte Street.
The demon and the damozel; dynamics of desire in the works of Christina Rossetti and Dante Gabriel Rossetti.
They include paintings by LS Lowry, Dante Gabriel Rossetti and a Charles Rennie Macintosh image of purple mallow flowers from Holy Island off Northumberland.
FOUNDED in London in 1848, at a meeting between John Everett Millais, Dante Gabriel Rossetti and William Holman Hunt, the the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood was made up of students at the Royal Academy of Arts.
Miss Siddal was married to painter-poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti and died from a drug overdose that may, or may not, have been deliberate.
After a training at the Royal Academy schools in London from 185961, de Morgan grew to appreciate the way his friends Lord Leighton, William Morris, Edward Burne-Jones and Dante Gabriel Rossetti enjoyed art.