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We have not yet found a way to use that information to help women with disease," Danska says.
Earlier, in an almost identical action by Denmark's Danska Spil, a court in Copenhagen sided with wording used by Ladbrokes in a TV campaign in 2008.
For May 2004, Martins has been invited to choreograph a previously unheard mass, Missa Danska, by Danish composer Niels Raasted, for the Vatican-sponsored Easter Festival.
Those patients with suspected lupus cerebritis are shown to have positive Nacetylaspartate, increased choline-compounds, lipids, and macromolecules, which are all indicative of cell membrane breakdown and neuronal loss (Sabet, Sibbitt, Stidley, Danska, & Brooks, 1998).
The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon kommer att fullt lokaliseras till danska, finska, norska och svenska, med rE[micro]stinsatser gjorda av lokala skENdespelare frENn respektive land.