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the basic unit of money in Denmark


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Sales in local currencies increased by 13% in 2007 and by 8% in Danish kroner.
AaThe organization last week received a 1,000,000 Danish kroner (about $198,466) donation from the Ole Kirk Foundation (The Lego Foundation) to complete the clearing of unexploded cluster bombs in Aytarun.
With a turnover of a billion Danish kroner, it processes 57 million birds a year and exports more than two thirds of its production to other European countries, the Middle East and the Far East.
Copenhagen Re will make provisions of about 700 million Danish kroner (about $83.
Von Trier will be awarded 350,000 Danish kroner ($70,250) in prize money on Oct.
9 billion Danish kroner (pounds 350 million) on a 22.
Zealand Pharma A/S said that the company raised $50 million or 300 million Danish kroner in a non-dilutive, non-recourse bond structured financing backed by stand-alone lixisenatide royalties.
However, catastrophic losses of Danish kroner (DKr) 900 million ($110 million) in 1999, partly caused by inadequate reinsurance protection and poor results in its reinsurance subsidiary (which lost DKr201 million) adversely affected recent performance and resulted in a net loss of DKr625 million and a combined ratio of 132% for the consolidated group.
Brand A/S injected 200 million Danish kroner (USD 31.
Sales of insulin analogs increased by 84% -- Sales of NovoSeven(R) increased by 19% -- Sales in North America increased by 32% -- Measured in Danish kroner sales increased by 11%.
As previously announced, with effect from April 1, 2000, the Company will, report six-month and whole year results only and change its reporting currency to Danish kroner.
Since the outcome of these negotiations will materially impact the balance sheet of Olicom as of June 30, 1999, the Company has determined to simultaneously announce its US dollar, US GAAP and Danish kroner, Danish GAAP results for the second quarter and first half of 1999 by the end of August 1999.
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