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6 Conference pears 6 celery stalks 70g bag rocket leaves 150g pack Danish blue cheese 200g pack Italian-style pancetta cubes 30ml lemon juice 70ml olive oil, plus a little extra for frying Black pepper Wash the celery and chop into small chunks and add to the pears.
Dr David Waterhouse has nicknamed it the Danish Blue after the iconic Monty Python comedy sketch featuring a dead Norwegian parrot.
Blue cheese sauce - 1 small wedge of Danish blue cheese or Stilton, half a pint of whipping cream, white wine vinegar and olive oil.
The line consists of: Saga True Blue, a traditional Danish blue with a robust flavor in a wedge shape; Saga Gorgonzola, a rich, buttery blue with a piquant but sweet finish, also in a wedge shape; Saga Crumbled Blue, a conveniently crumbled blue crafted after Danish-style blues; and Saga Sliced Blue, easy-to-use, interleaved blue cheese slices that are perfect for burgers, paninis or on grilled meat.
The products will join the list of around 700 European products for which the EU says it has exclusive rights to the names, ranging from Welsh lamb to Danish blue cheese.
Get more information in the stores where shelves during the week will be stocked with traditional Danish food including Danish Blue and Harvati cheeses; cookies and salami as well as familiar drinks like Carlsberg Export Lager and Danepak bacon.
So much for the close ties between a Danish Blue and his followers.
All blue- veined cheeses such as Stilton and Danish blue.
The three he sent me were Sweet Jalapeno Barbeque Glaze, Danish Blue Dijon Blend Cheese Mustard, and HoneyComb Glaze & Dip.
She grabs a slice of Danish blue cheese and asks me, "Is this good?
I've a theory that people who like plain cheese such as cheddar shun the fully-flavoured stuff like Shropshire blue, stilton and Danish blue.
While supermarkets could stock more Danish Blue if Stilton became more expensive, they could not drop their Stilton supplier entirely, and their bargaining position was weaker than when they could choose between three big Stilton suppliers.
Not much for supper, really, apart from toasted village bread, fresh lountza, couscous leftovers, yogurt, olives tsakistes, bottled pickled onions and gherkins, caper leaves, hot chilli, beef tomatoes, crispy cucumber, a bowl of sliced melon, fresh mangoes (just in from Israel and 30% up on last year's price), sweet seedless grapes, a selection of cheeses, Danish blue, halloumi, anari, some floating brie and firm kaskavali.
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