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6 Conference pears 6 celery stalks 70g bag rocket leaves 150g pack Danish blue cheese 200g pack Italian-style pancetta cubes 30ml lemon juice 70ml olive oil, plus a little extra for frying Black pepper Wash the celery and chop into small chunks and add to the pears.
Danish Blue cheese for a bold accent to the flavors, and pair it with Pinot Blanc.
But Danish Blue cheese has been a long time favourite of UK consumers and MD continues to develop the sector.
Fresh Summer Greens , sliced strawberries, Danish blue cheese crumbles, candied walnuts and a red wine vinaigrette
My friend had "moca" of broccoli and Danish blue cheese, which had nothing to do with chocolate-flavoured coffee beans but actually looked like a slice of quiche with garnish.
The full-strength Castello Danish Blue Cheese is recognized as one of the finest imported cheeses and is the #1 imported Blue cheese in America.
The traditionally full-strength Castello Danish Blue Cheese is the number one premium blue cheese in America.
However, Rosenborg, like other Danish Blue cheeses, is falling prey to more fashionable blue cheeses stealing its thunder.
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