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(Old Testament) a youth who was taken into the court of Nebuchadnezzar and given divine protection when thrown into a den of lions (6th century BC)

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a wise and upright judge

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an Old Testament book that tells of the apocalyptic visions and the experiences of Daniel in the court of Nebuchadnezzar

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Daniele Meini has been appointed as Merger & Acquisitions Director of Buongiorno
Despite having an office of just seven square metres, Daniele was thinking big from the start.
It's such a contrast to life at the Roman giants as Daniele, speaking through an interpreter, explained: "Glasgow is a friendly city and players from the youths to the first team have made me feel welcome.
Chelsea are plotting to sign Roma star Daniele de Rossi in a [pounds sterling]10million deal and make him their new midfield general, (http://www.
I am so proud of what my family, staff and special guests have accomplished through our restaurants," said Daniele.
Daniele, 26, had worked for some years in the same field with a multi-discipline agency before deciding to strike out on her own.
DUNDEE UNITED last night completed the signing of Italian defender Daniele Chiarini - and the deal landed chairman Eddie Thompson in hot water with his nurses.
DANIELE Ryman has been following her nose since she was growing up near Grasse, `capital' of the world of French fragrance.
Graciela Daniele became one of today's top Broadway and film choreographers by working with some of the greatest names in the business.
The arachidonic-acid metabolites, called eicosanoids, may go beyond the usual second-messenger job of carrying out instructions brought by the neurotransmitter released from another cell, says Columbia's Daniele Piomelli.
Pasquale Natuzzi, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Daniele Tranchini, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Nicola Dell'Edera, Finance Director and Chief Financial Officer a.
newsfeed=true) refused to give up on the idea of signing of Roma midfielder Daniele De Rossi, despite the player (http://www.
26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- LPG Systems, creator of the proven ENDERMOLOGIE method of treatment for non-invasive, non-aggressive, natural anti-aging and body shaping, has named Daniele Henkel Corp.
Second Grade: Michele Daniele, Gregory Reust, Sandra Mercado and Kyle Sulka.
The downturn in the economy has created a search for answers--and a quest to lay blame," observes Lex Daniele, marketing manager of Mealey Publications & Conference Group, a member of the Lexis-Nexis Group.