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United States politician and orator (1782-1817)


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The Daniel Webster Congressional Clerkship Act will create a formal program to involve new lawyers in the work of Congress and provide an opportunity for them to see firsthand representative democracy at work.
Seniors with 90 credits from Daniel Webster will graduate with a Daniel Webster degree, said LeBlanc, while it will be determined on a case-by-case basis which college name will appear on the diploma of students with fewer than 90 credits.
ON SONG: Fans with Dermot O'Leary and Daniel Webster, from Solihull, shows off his moves.
THURSDAY The Thursday Show, The Stand, Edinburgh The weekend starts and ends here with jokes and more from Gary Little, Daniel Webster, Mark Nelson and host Joe Heenan to see you into the weekend.
Daniel Webster College discontinuing its flight training program, but keeping its ATC training .
Matthew Boorman, Chris Noble, Andrew Pell, Paul Hertzberg, Ashley Pamment and Daniel Webster Sarah and Rod Kent, Emily Hover, aged 12 and Gill Watts Sue Hawkins (left) and Rachel Hawkins Helen Woods (left) and Carolyn Woods Billy Smith, Andrew Tate and Roger Bradnock Niamh Sheehan, Dan West and Elaine Shaw
Jennifer Brooke Pettit of Kingwood, Texas, and Daniel Webster Pepper III of Midland, Texas, were united in marriage in a candlelight ceremony at six o'clock in the evening Saturday, July 26, 2008, at Kosciusko First Baptist Church.
Factors that may be influencing the homicide trends we observed include the number of people returning from prison as well as conditions unique to the particular age cohorts," said study author and APHA member Daniel Webster, ScD, MPH, co-director of the Johns Hopkins University Center for Gun Policy and Research.
Just minutes from the Massachusetts border, Nashua Landing is ideally situated in the South Nashua Retail Corridor just off Exit 1 from Route 3 on the Daniel Webster Highway.
Hoshmand (business and management, Daniel Webster College, New Hampshire) offers students and applied researchers of agricultural and natural sciences a guide to designing and analyzing science experiments.
Created by gay writer Jack Kenny (Titus), Daniel stars Aidan Quinn as Daniel Webster, an Episcopalian minister with both a weakness for prescription drugs and a family on the verge of a breakdown (The teenage daughter sells weed, while the wife swills martinis).
A sampling of topics includes the Louisiana Purchase, the cotton gin, Daniel Webster, and runaway slaves.
Set in California, The Book of Daniel stars film actor Aidan Quinn as Daniel Webster, a laidback, liberal parish priest who relies a bit heavily on prescription pain pills.
So I would posit that this is precisely why the family life of Daniel Webster (a nod, yes, to poet Stephen Vincent Benet's book ``The Devil and Daniel Webster,'' though his Webster was a statesman-lawyer) - that aforementioned priest played with consummate skill, sensitivity, wit and no small amount of mumbling by Aidan Quinn - makes for a promising TV series.
MIDLAND Pop Idol reject Daniel Webster (right) is set to bounce back on national TV - as the star man on a show called Best Ever Worst Auditions.