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an American pioneer and guide and explorer (1734-1820)


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Daniel Boone certainly merits attention as a central player in the opening of the trans-Appalachian west, but he should not be viewed as the heroic progenitor of the American penchant for individualistic self-exploration.
Paxton is a district executive for the Daniel Boone Council of the Boy Scouts of America and Beth is a graphic and web designer for King Bio.
What's lame: cardboard wallets, the punk rock image, skate lawyers, the sensitive artist image, the heavy metal image, copers, beer, mediocre skateboarding online, marijuana, banks, humongous t-shirts, cruiser boards, jackets with no shirt under them, I-don't-care attitudes, talking crap, featured-artist soda bottles, courtroom sketch artists for every session, cute overload, the French dandy image, '80s yuppie image, Daniel Boone style, bonnets, those corn-cob pipes that are filled with Big League Chew, gigantic underwear, frontside flips, aprons with nothing underneath, fasting for no good reason, bonnet sponsors, -the red top rumor.
If Daniel Boone did not winter his troops at Valley Forge, write P in space 3 and T in 10.
For more than one hundred years the Boone and Crockett Club (named after fabled frontiersmen and hunters Daniel Boone and David Crockett) has been an organized of hunters who sought out the big-game animals of North America.
Ratliff Boon and Daniel Boone were cousins, and it was the Boone side of the family that changed the name.
Andrew McNamara proved the jockey-in-form when recording a double on the often-disappointing Allgrownup, trained by Edward O'Grady, in the Greenbank Mortgages Mares Maiden Hurdle and Gerry Keane's Daniel Boone in the Magners Cider Handeicap Hurdle.
Andrew McNamara rode his first double of the season when scoring on Allgrownup in the 2m2f mares' maiden hurdle and 12-1 shot Daniel Boone in the 2m2f handicap hurdle.
Here are letters, memoirs, notes and reflections on the season, with a range of contributions moving from immigrant memories and experiences to passages from famous Americans from Daniel Boone who describes his Christmas spent as an Indian captive to a woman's Christmas with the Confederate Army during the Civil War.
But FEMA regulations for flood elevations forced some major modifications," says Steve, an architecture and history buff whose great-great-great-great-grandfather was Federalist Party founder Alexander Hamilton and whose mother's family goes back to a brother of Daniel Boone.
In the first comprehensive history of the hillbilly, Harkins traces this figure back to precursors in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries: literary sources, such as the stock character of the "rural rube," as well as Simon Suggs, Sut Lovingood, and Southwest humor; legends that grew up around historical figures Daniel Boone and, especially, Davy Crockett; the image of the feuding, moonshining Mountaineer propagated by journalists in the later nineteenth century.
yelled the Disney "cast member" dressed as Daniel Boone who had run out of scripted patter to keep his charges' attention.
Daniel Boone, MD Medical Director LaHacienda Treatment Center
Unless you inherited the sharp eyes and steady hands of Alvin York or Daniel Boone.
Mountain Men focuses upon biographies of well known American figures such as Daniel Boone, Davey Crockett, Jim Bridger, and Kit Carson.