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a native or inhabitant of Denmark

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At last, when everyone rose to depart, he went towards William Dane and said, in a voice shaken by agitation--
He, the Grendel, set off then after night was come to seek the lofty house, to see how the Ring Danes had ordered it after the service of beer.
He greeted them with joy, and after feasting and song the Danes and their King departed and left the Goths to guard the hall.
The evening passed in song and laughter, and when darkness fell the Danes lay down to rest in the hall as of old.
Now indeed had peace come to the Danes, and loaded with thanks and rewards, Beowulf returned homeward.
But Jones, as well as Partridge, was an entire stranger in London; and as he happened to arrive first in a quarter of the town, the inhabitants of which have very little intercourse with the householders of Hanover or Grosvenor-square (for he entered through Gray's-inn-lane), so he rambled about some time before he could even find his way to those happy mansions where fortune segregates from the vulgar those magnanimous heroes, the descendants of antient Britons, Saxons, or Danes, whose ancestors, being born in better days, by sundry kinds of merit, have entailed riches and honour on their posterity.
Helen, with her mouth full, cried: "And that's the man who beat the Austrians, and the Danes, and the French, and who beat the Germans that were inside himself.
The Danes held the camp and the slope where we are standing--the whole crown of the hill, in fact.
They encountered --sometimes in whole villages--Chinese, Japanese, Italians, Portuguese, Swiss, Hindus, Koreans, Norwegians, Danes, French, Armenians, Slavs, almost every nationality save American.
Much-loved Dane, originally from Whitley Bay, was riding to France when he was involved in a collision on the M11.
Much-loved Dane, originally from Whitley Bay, was on his way to France when he was involved in a collision on the M11.
Dane is FAIR's fourth executive director since its founding in 1979.
Seemingly overnight, Dane went from playing in small bars, to performing onstage with a national tour.
I take him for three or four mile walks up the Taff Trail each day and every week I take him for a run in the Beacons which I think makes him muscular for a great dane, which I think they liked at Crufts.
Jens Lundgaard, Founder & CEO of Brandworkz says "We are delighted to welcome Dane to the Brandworkz team and look forward to a long and happy working relationship.