Dandie Dinmont terrier

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a breed of small terrier with long wiry coat and drooping ears

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The gypsies are said to have combined a whippet and a Dandy Dinmont to develop a dog with the now-familiar characteristics of the Bedlington Terrier.
Other claims to fame for the village include Sir Walter Scott having stayed at the Spa hotel, inspiring two characters in his second novel, Guy Mannering - the gypsy Meg Merrilees and the Borders farmer Dandy Dinmont.
Leading prices: Bullocks ( Limousin pounds 695, pounds 685 pounds 665 pounds 635, pounds 630, pounds 598 Church Style, pounds 688 The Knarr, pounds 655 Home Farm Birkby, pounds 645, pounds 600, pounds 585 Peter House Farm, pounds 635 Dandy Dinmont, pounds 570 Bassentwaite Hall, pounds 568 Loweswater, pounds 560 (x2) Grange Grassing, Belgian Blue pounds 670, pounds 615 The Knarr, pounds 635 Dandy Dinmont, pounds 630 (x2) Abbey House, Blonde d' Aquitaine pounds 635 Chapel House Farm, Charolais pounds 600 (x3) Parkhead Farm, Holstein Friesian pounds 520 (x2), pounds 435 (x2) Dockray Farm.
The nearest I have come to a Dandy Dinmont was Cassoulet (Cass for short).
Davidson was "a mighty hunter before the Lord" and had a famous breed of Dandy Dinmont terriers, but it still does not explain the name.