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wouldn't cool to do a electronic that talked concerns' Ware "We thought, 'wouldn't it be so cool to do a hard-core electronic dance record that talked about real concerns', but we couched it in such a way that people could also enjoy it as a dance record.
It's really interesting because it's putting sax on a huge dance record.
I wanted to make a fierce dance record where each song makes you want to get up and move," Spears said.
The single was voted Best Dance Record at the Popkomm Dance Music Conference in Berlin before going on to enter the UK charts at number four and the French charts at number six.
One of the biggest trends by far is re-mixing - and usually, the end result is a classic cheesy ballad dressed up as a dance record.
A SURPRISINGLY good dance record from the relatively unknown Heartfield.
But what about appearing on a dance record created by world famous Welsh break-beat DJs?
It was perfect and it inspired me to make a straightforward dance record too.
The DJing categories give cause for concern, as it seems like every person who has ever spun a dance record in Northern Ireland has been nominated, but it doesn't matter as all votes are cast by punters at the website, www.
Sweat)", by C and C Music Factory, is recognized as the best selling dance record of all time at 9 million copies sold to date.
In Phil ou"We thought, 'wouldn't it be so cool to do a hard-core electronic dance record that talked about real concerns'Martyn Ware
GABRIELLE Aplin says she'd love to make a dance record with Scots electro supremo Calvin Harris.
British band Dirty Vegas picked up the best dance record with Days Gone By.
Dance record Cha Cha Slide by DJ Casper entered the charts at number two.
Sonically, Drone Logic doesn't really fit expected templates of what a dance record in 2013 should sound like.