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classical position of the body and especially the feet in ballet

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I had been too busy having a life - well three children, a career and a home - to have time to master The River Dance Position (x-rated synchronised swimming) let alone to wonder whether I was "bi- curious" (it's OK Annie, I'm not).
My coach Janet made us hold each other in a dance position, bodies pressed together, probably to find out if we were inhibited about touching each other.
Not sure the parents of her young fans would be impressed with this bizarre big pants and bra combo, let alone the X-rated dance positions.
Catching or throwing a ball, swinging a bat, karate poses, dance positions and more will grab their interest.
By flipping the pages, the reader is presented with an animation of the consecutive dance positions.
The loss of over forty full-time dance positions in Berlin is a sad reality being echoed throughout Germany's cultural infrastructure.
So she put us into proper dance positions without actually moving, to get us used to it the waltz, fox-trot and then the cha cha.
The stories had a moral to teach and the plays ended with music and dances using basic African dance positions.
Its cynosure is an encyclopedia of terms in Javanese for particular dance positions and movements, eked out by exquisite line drawings for which we have the talented Marjolijn Groustra to thank.
Configurations of familiar dance positions are altered and conventional transitions between steps are strangely emphasised, while a woman in historical costume links the disparate sections.
Country Tonite has a cast of thirty-three, with twelve dance positions.