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a sequence of foot movements that make up a particular dance

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However, on the plus side he also popularised The Moonwalk, executing the dance move and bringing it to a global audience during a performance of Billie Jean on a Motown 25th anniversary celebration on US TV in 1983.
The dance move has been marked as verb and means "dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance," Sky News reported.
To set the world record, each dance move executed during the concert will be numbered and photographed.
You might think four men with an average age of 32 (I'm sorry to remind you of that) would feel they are beyond the baggy jeans, printed hoodies, huge trainers and exaggerated 'running man' dance moves.
And when children work out the answer to a sum, instead of putting their hands up and shouting it out, they do the dance move for the correct number.
com to Vote on Chris Brown's Hottest Dance Moves and Enter for a Chance to Win a Training Session with a Choreographer and Star in Your Own Dance Video
Junior student Brett Nichols impressed the audience during the 2014 Talent Rally event at Pitman High in Turlock, California where he pulled off Michael Jackson's dance moves including the famous moonwalk.
Holloway and Cole are seen performing some risque dance moves as the Girls Aloud member sings her new track 'Ghetto Baby,' the Daily Mail reported.
Miley Cyrus' signature dance move - the twerk - has made it to the list of words added to the Oxford Dictionaries Online.
While this gives her choreography a certain organic integrity, the absence of dynamic variation leaves one longing for those moments of contrast and transition that make a dance move.
The DJs (a male who directs the left side and a female who directs the right) engage in comedic banter as they provide over 100 dance move directions to the players.
Dolly is fun, lively and teaches exciting dance moves such as Hip Hop and Street dance, so we can go and perform at places like the City Hall.
Breaking or attempting to break the Guinness World record with synchronised dance moves performed by large groups of dancers has become a tradition for the tourist resort.
The 27-year-old Philadelphia beauty added: "But come August, I'll have the dance moves, I'll have my life back.