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Synonyms for choreography

the representation of dancing by symbols as music is represented by notes

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a notation used by choreographers

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Dance director Anna Melling, who started the organisation in 2006, said: "We have been wanting to expand into the Tynedale area for some time and finding Kate, who is a fantastic tutor and lives in Hexham, was the key.
Co3 Dance director, Claire Morris, says: "They've worked intensively to create a professional piece of contemporary dance.
Dance Director Troy Phillips (King Kong the musical, Moulin Rouge, Hairspray, The Boy from Oz) joins Creative Director Neill Gladwin and Music Director Chong Lim (Dancing with the Stars) in the 2013 creative team.
Robert Alexander Schwartz, dance director of Studio B and the Eugene Dance Studio, hosts this month's First Friday Art Walk, which begins at 5:30 p.
What's more, the series has turned dance director Louie Spence, above, into a breakout star, due to his hilarious antics and natural charisma.
Jacqueline McCormick, dance director of Cheshire Dance, collaborated with local artist Ruth Spencer to choreograph the piece.
The idea was taken up by French Music and Dance director Maurice Fleuret for Minister of Culture Jack Lang in 1981 and first took place in 1982.
Moving between fact and fiction, performers revealed the intricacies of the Station, which was described by Jacqueline McCormick, dance director at Cheshire Dance as one of the most historic railway stations in the world.
The job: I have been dance director for the Tattoo since 1992.
PALMDALE -- Danielle Schmitt is the new Palmdale Playhouse tap and jazz dance director for the Palmdale Youth and Community Dance Company.
Born in Los Angeles, California, Berkeley came from an acting family and worked as an actor, stage manager and dance director en route to becoming Hollywood's most innovative choreographer.
The steps of a folk dance celebrating the harvest were demonstrated by the dance director.
Once the tour ends, Amy Hollingsworth is returning to her native Australia to take up the role of dance director with Sydney Dance Company.
It was a group of our students who applied for the money," dance director Satya Darbar explained.
Romantic Affair, who had been 8-1 second favourite with the sponsors after winning at Newmarket last Friday, and the John Gosden-trained duo, Dance Director and Bound For Pleasure, have dropped out.